How are Aztecs not considered OP?
EKRs are dragoons on steroids and arrow knights can snipe your falcs from the whole map away.
How is Spain supposed to beat that?


What a empty post!!
Aztecs arent OP (about supremacy) because they lack the possibility to boom after their rush attack, being overpassed for other civs. Going to noble hut units from hut units is difficult to them. Also their economy needs a lot of cards to work properly.
About army, you shouldnt have any issue with skirmishers to kill both units. Also you can try with melee infantry, rodeleros are a good option thanks to their speed. That aztec units arent effective at melee. Finally remember that ERKs are counted by the same units as dragoons.


How is the weakest civ in the game not considered op? lol.

Aztec have a decent rush but no follow up, the warrior priest boom isn’t bad but it’s just worse than any other civs booms so they get out eco’d.
ERK are the best unit in the game probably but they don’t have the eco to really mass them, and usually if your rush failed its gg.

Spain can defend really well by going logistician for more resources and units quickly. Alternatively you have the strong spanish gold ff.

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Man, Aztec are the worst civ of the game. You just don’t know how to counter them.

Try to play Aztecs and see how broken they are.

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I think Spain posess a perfect unit combination to deal with Aztec army.

  1. From range Skirmisher counters:
  • Puma Speaman
  • Jaguar Prowl Knight
  • Skull Knight
  • Eagle Runner Knight
  1. In melee Rodelero counters:
  • Coyote Runners
  • Eagle Runner Knight
  • Arrow Knight
  • Otontin Slingers

These two units will counter all Aztec army. Note that ERK is being countered by both Skirmisher and Rodelero. Moreover Skirmishers have 1.5 multiplier against Dragoon type units but 2.0 against ERK specifically.

Don’t worry if you lost to Aztec player. I can assure you that Spain has all tools needed to beat them. Just play a few games as Aztecs and you will know what to expect from them :slight_smile:


Nha, I think the Iroquois are worse, at least the Aztecs have options, like WPs and a few very good farm and estate gathering upgrades. The iros have all the problems of the azzys, but with fewer eco cards.

Iro have cannons, cav and skirmisher. They are a more complete Civ compared to Aztec.

They’re eco is not that bad, their units are better cost effective. Aztec have no gold for late games and get wasted really easy.

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Tbh, I disagree, for the lategame Aztecs have an economic tree far superior to the hauds. And in terms of military improvements, we could say that they are tied, for me the Aztec support shipments apart from being cheap are very good, the hauds are expensive and not very useful.



Explain it to me however you want, but I think only the Incas and the Lakotas, following closely, have such good letters of support.

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Forget this beautiful lady, what she offers is incredible.

Again gold for Aztecs is the hardest to get so 500/1500 gold per upgrate is huge for them. Not even Euro civs have in their arsenal that expensive upgrates, plus those are far better.

Iro basically wont need wood because they can spam buildings like crazy, they build them faster than you can destroy them. And not even talk about their Field gun, when they spam 10-15 of those they can obliterate almost everything from artillery to infantry.

When I play with azzys, I send this letter as soon as possible, and I no longer have many gold problems as long as I have gold mines available, the hauds apart from having only 2 cards that improve the collection of gold, they do not have much more. (Not to mention that you have to build a tribal market with 10 collection slots). The best thing about that card is that it makes its only units that cost wood, go to cost gold. Hauds also have 2 units that cost wood, but they do not have this card.
About cannons, I agree, they are very strong, but they are only available in industrial.
Final conclusion, the Aztec economy is much superior, in terms of long-term military strength, I would say that they are tied.

Incredible? All their council members do poorly for what they can offer.

Aztecs are mainly forced to go Age 4/5 with The Wise Woman if they want to have a decent late eco, basically, the lady is available for late-game same as field gun.

20 wood is ultra accessible, and 75 wood for cav they almost never use because other units are better cost-efficient.

I would add to the conclusion Iro’s have a superior and better balanced army, so not much eco is needed.
You know, there’s a reason why Iros got hard nerfed and Aztec didn’t.

Well, the Tribal Council may already be your opinion, for me they are balanced, but the wise woman in late game offers very good improvements compared to the council members of other natives, for me, in my opinion, only the free Inca improvement the estate is that good. And regarding the army, I think they are tied, because the Aztecs have good improvements for their units, they have the SKN and the community plaza with 10 WP. I mean, I think they have several game options in the late game, that’s why it strikes me that they say they are weak. When I play a lategame with Aztecs, I feel much more comfortable and solid than when I get the same situation with Iroquois.
And the Iroquois suffered a lot of nerfs mainly due to their super rush in the early game, (curiously now the azzys did the same thing), that rush was comparable only with the current rush of Hausa tower. And well, to that we must add the rhetoric of the politically correct, which made them have to build a tribal market and lose all their lines of dialogue, making the experience of using this civilization sadder.
The Aztecs since DE came out was one of the most buffed civilizations in the game, they had more buffs than nerfs, and the Iroquois since the game came out, only had nerfs, the only buff was the discount on the cost of the tomahawk, instead, The Aztecs received several improvements in their lategame, that is, they only lost strength in their rush.

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Alright, I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. Aztecs were unplayable until the eagle scout was introduced (almost 2 full months). They went from having a great Age 1 to basically not having one at all. Their Age 2 timing attack/rush has been nerfed, but no early economic buff to compensate.

Overall buffs:

  • Coyote HP (probably the most important and impactful buff)
  • 10 seconds faster to Age 2 for non-messenger
  • Skull Knight buff (nice, but can’t take full advantage of since you cannot make a lot of them)
  • Explorer card enables training of Jaguar Prowl Knights (useful for specific builds)
  • Temple cards proportionally reduced in coin (limited usefulness in supremacy)
  • Great Chinampa to Age 4 (not useful in supremacy)
  • Aztec Mining enables viability in treaty (and maybe death match?)

Overall nerfs:

  • Still worse Age 1 (Eagle scout is nice, but it does not automatically kill a treasure guardian AND give you more damage output)
  • Puma Spearmen
  • Age 2 unit shipment cards (2 out of 3 were not announced AND STILL AREN’T LISTED IN PATCH NOTES)
  • Smoking Mirror (which was an incentive to not stay in Age 2)
  • Explorer card does not enable training of jaguars (animal)
  • A lot more buildings can uncover stealth units now


  • ESOC Balance changes. All civilizations got these

History of the DE balance changes (I tried to format this, but it didn't come out great):
Release Day, 2020-10-15
Council Member Changes:


  • The Wisewoman (II) now grants 1 Farm Travois and +10% Farm/Estate gather rate (up from 0 Farm Travois +10% Farm/Estate gather rate)
  • The Wisewoman (III) now grants 2 Farm Travois and +10% Farm/Estate gather rate (up from 1 Farm travois +10% Farm/Estate gather rate)
  • The Wisewoman (IV) now grants 2 Farm Travois and +15% Farm/Estate gather rate (up from 2 Farm Travois and +10% Farm/Estate gather rate)
  • The Elder (III) now grants 2 Nobles Hut Travois and +20% War/Nobles Hut attack and hit points (up from 2 Nobles Hut Travois and +10% attack and hit points)
  • The Elder (V) now grants 2 Nobles Hut Travois and +30% War/Nobles Hut attack and hit points (up from 2 Nobles Hut Travois and +10% attack and hit points)

Summary: buffs to Wisewoman, which isn’t useful until Age 3 or 4, a stronger Age 3 and 4 Elder update. This does not even compare to other civs that got useful logisticians and other reworks (such as better villager age ups, TCs, etc)

Aztec Abilities

The Nature Friendship ability has been replaced with the Recruit Guardian ability, which is similar and can be used on any human treasure guardian (90s cooldown):

  • All War Chief’s now also have adjusted ‘treasuring’ capabilities in the form of new abilities and other changes. An example: when an American War Chief uses an ability, all abilities go on cooldown for the length of the activated ability’s cooldown
  • Aztec Abilities
    • Recruit Guardian: 90s cooldown
    • Cauchic Ascension: “Aztec nobles do more damage to Treasure Guardians for 45 seconds” (Warrior Priests and other Nobles’ Hut units deal 3x damage to Treasure Guardians); 90s cooldown
    • Warrior Priest speed increased to 4.5 (from 4); LOS increased to 16 (from 12)

Summary: Removed the ability to convert any treasure guardian. Gave a useless ability that only affects the WARRIOR PRIEST (a whole 15 . Thus making their Age 1 the WORST in the game.

Animal Related Cards
  • Aztec High Priest of Ixtiliton (I) now reads “Improves your War Chief in combat and enables you to Construct Nobles Huts.” (in Age 2; Jaguar Prowl Knights are enabled; moves Big Button to Age 2)

Summary: Explorer card no longer allows you to make Jaguars (animal), thus making it so that your treasure game won’t get better. Opens up a fringe strategy to make JPKs (one of the worst units in the game) in Age 2 if you build their expensive building first with villagers (the warchief can’t build it)

Other Cards
  • Aztec TEAM Silversmith (I) card was moved to Age 2 (from Age 1); now also improves yield from Mines by +10% (in addition to +10% Mine gathering); tooltip adjusted accordingly
  • Aztec Aztec Mining (III) card now also improves yield from Mines by +20% (in addition to +40% Mine gathering rate); tooltip adjusted accordingly

Summary: Silversmith moved to 2, not all that useful. Aztec Mining card increases mine yield, not that useful.

More Changes

The Aztecs

  • Starting crates fixed to 400f 300w


  • Jaguar Prowl Knight hand attack increased to 20 (from 18); hit points increased to 240 (from 230)
  • Nobles’ Hut anti-ship and unit inaccuracy removed
  • Puma Spearman hand attack Shock Infantry multiplier increased to 3.5 (from 3); “siege trooper” unit-tag removed
  • Skull Knight hit points increased to 320 (from 300)
  • Warrior Priests no longer cost population


  • 5 Coyote Runner (II) card increased to 6 (660 resources)
  • 11 Macehualtin (III) card increased to 12 (840 resources)
  • 6 Jaguar Prowler Knight (III) card increased to 7 (1050 resources)
  • 7 Coyote Runner (III) card increased to 8 (880 resources)
  • 8 Puma Spearmen (III) card increased to 9 (900 resources)
  • 6 Arrow Knight (III) card increased to 7 (875 resources)
  • 3 Skull Knight (III) card increased to 4
  • 4 Skull Knight (III) card increased to 6; now costs 350 food to send
  • Aztec Artificial Islands card now reduces canoe wood cost by 35% (down from 50%)
  • Great Temple of Quetzalcoatl Support shipment cost reduced to 1500c (from 2000c); “Religious Unity” shipment adjusted accordingly
  • Great Temple of Huitzilopochtli shipment cost reduced to 1500c (from 2000); “Religious Unity” shipment adjusted accordingly
  • TEAM Cheap Fishing Boats shipment changed to -20w (from -25%) Fishing Boat cost
  • Temple of Xipe Totec shipment now increases Coyote Runner ranged resistance by 0.1; grants 12 Coyote Runners (up from 11)
  • Temple of Centeotl shipment now also increases Macehualtin line of sight and range by 2

Summary: Brought in the ESOC Patch changes that helped balance Aztec. These shouldn’t be seen as nerfs/buffs since all the civilizations had similar changes for EP balance.

  • Aztec War Hut Training (II) train time improvement reduced to 35% (from 40%)
  • Aztec Heal Ceremony no longer affects a knocked-out War Chief
  • Aztec War Chiefs now have proper damage flag added to their Hand Attack and should not hurt allied units after sending the Smoking Mirror home city shipment.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Aztec Warchief Swashbuckler ability hotkey from working

Summary: a treaty nerf, and some bug fixes

Summary: Aztecs got the balance changes from EP, and their Age 1 was nerfed into being unplayable. At this stage in the game they were easily the worst civilization since they were balanced around having a great Age 1.

Update 3552, 2020-10-22
  • The Aztec Priest and Inca Priestess will now task themselves to the Community Plaza when appropriate.
    This doesn’t seem to work when the Warrior Priest spawns at the Community Plaza. At least for me.

Summary: No change. Aztec still have the worst Age 1 and aren’t playable

Hotfix 4087, 2020-10-27: No Change

Update 5208, 2020-11-05: No change, a promise to improve the new Warchief ability in the future

Update 6159, 2020-11-12: No change

Hotfix 6847, 2020-11-18: No change

Update 9476, 2020-12-08

The Aztecs

Added a new unit, the Eagle Scout:

Eagle Scout (80 food, 0 pop)


War Chief: Reworked the Cauchic Ascension ability: “A powerful area attack that inflicts great damage against Treasure Guardians and temporarily improves your War Chief’s attack speed.” (60-second cooldown).
War Chief: Can now train Eagle Scouts. They have a build limit of 5 and take 7 seconds to train.
Warrior Priest: Now deals triple damage to Treasure Guardians by default, since Cauchic Ascension no longer applies to allied units.
Jaguar Prowl Knight: Shock Infantry multiplier corrected from 2 :arrow_forward: 1.6x.

Summary: The eagle scout has been added! It took almost 2 complete months of being unviable to get here. JPKs got an insignificant nerf to coyotes & rattan shield type units.

Update 10807, 2020-12-17: no change

Update 13088, 2021-01-19: no change

Update 14825, 2021-02-02: no change

Small Update 18493, 2021-02-25: no change

Update 20322, 2021-03-16

The Aztecs

Near the top of the 1v1 ranked ladder are the Aztecs, who have maintained a high win-percentage since launch. At the heart of their success is an overwhelming reliance on “The Messenger” council member to quickly advance to the Commerce Age. The following changes aim to encourage more variety in early Aztec gameplay while granting greater strategic flexibility later on—as it should now be more desirable to select other Council Members and “save” The Messenger for later in a game.

The following Tribal Council members now take 70 seconds to advance from Age 1 to Age 2 (reduced from 90 seconds):

  • The Wise Woman: 1 Farm Travois, 10% Farm and Estate gathering speed
  • The Warrior: 2 Skull Knights
  • The Elder: 1 War Hut, 10% Hut stats
  • The Chief: 20% War Chief health, Enables War Chief special area damage attack


Puma Spearman: Reduced siege damage from 48 :arrow_forward: 42.
Coyote Runner: Increased hit points from 150 :arrow_forward: 155.

Reduced the cost of all Age 3 “Temple” cards from 1000 :arrow_forward: 500 coin, and reduced the number of units granted by each:

Temple of Centeotl Support: Reduced the number of

Otontin Slingers dispatched from 18 :arrow_forward: 12.
Temple of Xipe Totec Support: Reduced the number of Coyote Runners dispatched from 12 :arrow_forward: 7.
Temple of Tlaloc Support: Reduced the number of Eagle Runner Knights dispatched from 8 :arrow_forward: 5.
Temple of Coatlicue Support: Reduced the number of Arrow Knights dispatched from 10 :arrow_forward: 6.
Temple of Xochipilli Support: Reduced the number of Puma Spearmen dispatched from 12 :arrow_forward: 8.
Temple of Xolotl Support: Reduced the number of Villagers dispatched from 10 :arrow_forward: 8.
Religious Unity: Now reduces the cost of these shipments to 200 coin each (down from 750 coin).

Several adjustments have also been made to the Age 4 “Temple” cards:

Great Temple of Quetzalcoatl Support: Now grants +15% attack and hit points rather than +25% attack.
Great Temple of Huitzilopochtli Support: Now also increases the speed of

Skull Knights by +0.5.

Additional card changes:

Smoking Mirror: Reduced the speed bonus granted to the

War Chief from +35% :arrow_forward: +25%.
Great Chinampa (III) :arrow_forward: Great Chinampa (IV). Increased the gathering rate when working Farms and Estates from +15% :arrow_forward: +20%.
Aztec Mining (III): In addition to its normal benefits, the card now converts the wood cost of the Otontin Slinger and Coyote Runner to coin.

While this change to Aztec Mining is largely aimed at making these units trainable in Treaty once all trees have been exhausted, it should also make this card (which is a powerful mining upgrade in-and-of-itself) a much more useful shipment, in general. We will be paying close attention to the impact of the change on Supremacy matches and will make additional adjustments as necessary.

Summary: This is the big boy. Age 2 politicians all were buffed, but will be soon nerfed. Puma spearmen nerfed, coyotes buffed. Temple cards reworked to cost less and give less, but that is good for Aztec. Smoking mirror nerfed, great chinampa moved to age 4 (buff), Aztec mining makes Aztecs playable in treaty.

Update 23511, 2021-03-13

The Aztecs


Increased the time it takes for all Council members who advance from Age I to Age II from 70 :arrow_forward: 80 seconds. The exemption is The Messenger, who still “Ages-up very fast.”


Skull Knights now slowly heal when idle.
Skull Knight: Corrected Shock Infantry multipliers from 2.0x :arrow_forward: 2.2x.


Skull Knight now has access to a powerful charged action—Obsidian Storm—which triggers upon recharge.

  • Obsidian Storm is similar in style to the Swashbuckler Attack.
  • Identical to normal attacks, but deals +2 area damage and +33.3% damage with no multipliers against any unit types.
  • Has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Units that die to the attack are flung away.


9 Mayan Allies: Now displays the correct number over the card icon.
Great Temple of Huitzilopochtli Support: Now also improves the

Skull Knight’s charged action.

  • [Aztec] 6 Coyote Runners: Card reduced to 5.

Summary: Age 2 politicians nerfed to 80 seconds (still overall buff of 10 seconds). Skull Knight buff, which isn’t totally relevant unless you’re going all in on them. This is also when the ‘sneaky’ nerfs came in. The coyote runner card is listed, but the Slinger card nerfs are not. This is the patch that really hurt the Aztec rush. Overall, a harsh patch for Aztec

Update 26865, 2021-05-11: No change

Update 29715, 2021-06-08: No change

Update 38254, 2021-07-29: Bug fix with invisible walls

I completely agree with you here. Only 2 different voices and being so quiet just isn’t right.