Böhmen Map

This thread is about the real map Böhmen and AI Behavior.
At first, I like this czech like map and the gameplay of this one. I playing this map alot. Somehow the game placed a Villager sorrounded by trees but no matter.
What is your experience with AI (Classic and HD) on this map?

In my latest game, one classic AI goes running aggressiv and build a little economy and developed the imperial age. It has toked some work to defeat him. The other classic AI, I build only two towers and one castle in the near of my lost Villager so he could collect wood. My towers attacked AIs Tower. After this one was destroyed and his miliz was dead who wanted to attack my castle, the AI gived up in Feudal Age.
The HD AI has built 6 houses, several lumber camps and alot of villagers to collect wood. He has done nothing else. They developed Loom.^^