Bad Matchmaking

I have played a little AOE1 back in the 90s, a little AOE2 but I am a still a noob. Why the hell are we getting matched with people all the time, who have won their last 10 matches at least?

The only times my friend and I can win is, when the other players are also noobs. We even had a guy who won his 30!!! last matches!!! I don’t get it. I have a win rate of 36 percent. Why do I get matched with such people??? Is this game supposed to be fun or only frustration because everybody overuns you and 90 percent of the people are used to RTS and can win with ease?

I really do like the game but not in this way. I also wrote a message to the support. I really can’t understand, why this games multiplayer is badly balanced.


The game looks pretty but there’s nothing under the hood.


Matchmaking gets better the more games you play.

Yeah it’s supposed to work like that. But how can I be matched against people with 30 wins in a row? I played over 60 games and still getting matched againt pros by feel

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How are you even telling they have 30 wins in a row? I can’t seem to see match history that far back.

I’m actually a bit skeptical that anyone has 30 in a row. Maybe a few top players when they very first started playing.

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30wins ina raw , that player must be rank one in elo . Even 10-15 wins in a raw can take u to top 100 .

If u r getting matched with top 10 players in game , then there is a issue .

I don’t know how much exactly they won. I didn’t count. But ALL their matches have been won. It’s still the same. Nothing changed. Keep getting matched against people where I can forfeit after 10 minutes. When I look in the stats pregame phase, most people have won more than they lost. Keep getting smashed against everyone. Doesn’t matter what I do. It’s so frustrating. I thought the game was supposed to be fun but this is like playing against Grand Champs in Rocket League when you’re still Bronze. No fun at all.

How many games have you even played?

60? I don’t know for sure right now. But it’s no fun at all. As I said it’s like hopping into ranked games in rocket league or league of legends and being destroyed by everybody, because those people know exactly what to do and their elo is much higher. I mean, we are not the stupidest noobs. We are relatively fast and we are building the right units but we’re getting destroyed, no matter what.

Are you playing custom games? Or using the matchmaker?

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from my understanding your elo is calculated after 10 matches… I have over 100 matches and getting matched with people less than 10 total 1v1 games played. So their ELO isnt even really calculated and ive been getting matched with some beasts and getting steamrolled. Or vice versa where I steam roll the opp. It doesnt happen all the time but its been pretty common place to happen quite a bit.

It’s not unusual that you might be getting matched with people who have less than 10 games as they don’t have an elo score yet and so the game is still figuring out where to place them. You generally shouldn’t be matched with people who have a much higher elo than you do though once you’ve played your 10 games.

unfortunately its like every other match this happen :confused:

I’m top 100 player and I don’t get matched vs noobs anymore but did for the first few games.

Also note that all the try-hard-degens like me, have no ranked que to que up, so we are queuing in “quickplay” which is probably meant to be casual friendly and not flooded with us tryhards. Thats the main reason i’d bet this is happening. (also us degens are let down with no ranked que)

A lot of oversight from the devs. I think they are working with a small dev team, and RTS isn’t the most profitable genre for the work it requires. With that being said, a different business model would of created a much better game. Their current buisness model is old-school where their investers need a return in the next (x) years after funding. Since it took them about 2-3 years to make the game id asume 2-4 years was the agreement. These are the types of investors that fund realestate construction then sell after completion or sometimes sell the contract before it completes. This is typical venture capitalism investing, It works in almost every industry except for gaming. And unfortunately this is the means of funding they took on to make aoe4.

League of legends has the exact opposite investors, that are long term holders and take profits from the in-game cosmetics over time, rather then at game launch. Until we get some long term investors in RTS, the genre is not going to see a worthy title.

With that being said “Frost giant studio” has gotten alot of funding for a RTS, including 2 Million from the same company that funds League of legends, which we already know are long time investors. So its looking up with Frost giant, but until then we are stuck with Aoe4. Although what is 2 Million now days, so we will see.

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I just back out of games now when the opp. doesnt have more than 10 1v1 games. It sucks but its the only fix for now

I was observing a match last night.
One of the players sent his villagers, 1 by 1 to collect one of each resource, without building drop off points.

Then he added some villagers, crazy idle time… only had 1 on gold, walking all that way. Ramped up stone mining a lot. finally built a wood camp, and a stone mining camp… everyone else was ageing up, and he spent his starting gold on upgrades… then realized that he didn’t know what he was doing, and quit lol

It was a 2v2

It workw exactly th same as ranked.these are just labels

It’s still using elo to match players. So exactly the same demographic you would find in aoe2 ranked

You know you can check your elo on the ladder and People are using that exactly the same as using an ig rank

no its not ive been matched with people with over 200 to 250 elo more than me

What elo does it start people at? Anyone know?

I think it depends on how you play your first 10 matches