Balance changes I would like to be discussed

  1. Chinese: not a huge one here. Shepherds don’t need TCs or mills to drop off food. Makes managing their early game easier and doesn’t have any effect after the Dark Age. It is more for the convenience factor to maintain villager production in the early stages.

  2. Magyars: Corvinian Army reduced the gold cost of all Cavalry units by 10G. [This does not mean that producing a Scout cavalry costs 80F but gives 10G. That part is unaffected.] The Huszar part is also unaffected. It helps with the Cavalier and Paladin in late game when they are also managing the gold cost of cavalry archers. Not a huge deal in late castle to early Imperial but helps in saving gold for Imperial Age or Paladin. Please remember that you need a Castle.

  3. Vikings: similar to Franks, I would like to see the positions of their UTs interchanged, making Castle Age Berserk slightly more viable (reducing the cost of Berserkergang can be helpful too). In the present scenario, Vikings can get “Halberdiers” in Castle Age, combining the effect of extra HP and Chieftains. In my opinion Chieftains is the stronger technology, effectively making the Elite Berserk “one unit kill all” sort of thing. If possible Castle Age only receives +1 melee armor.

but chinese need nerfs, not buffs.

thats a pretty sizable buff to a civ that needs minor buffs at best.


A nerf can be seen later in the ages, but I think early game start is a bit weak.

Magyars are weird. They are designed as a scout rushing civ and they do it great. But this prevents them from having an early game eco bonus. Consider this a late game eco bonus, similar to Sultans.

That being said the numbers can be tweaked, say Corvinian army effects -7G and Huszar naturally costs 80F 7G.

that is intended because they start with 3 extra villagers and don’t need to build houses right away.

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Agreed, but only at a cost of nerfing something else. Maybe more expensive chukonu.

Better give them some early game bonus instead. When they get to the lategame, they are already very very powerful.


Or simply reducing 1 arrow of Elite Chu Ko Nu

This is a buff against low pierce armor units (because the main arrow resets earlier) and a nerf agaist high pierce armor and rams (because they block the damage of ythe main arrow)

Not exactly. Both have different rates of fire, unlike Kipchaks. So this is purely a nerf.

Not necessary. Cinese at this stage doesn’t need any buff, not even a small one.

If anything, they need a small nerf on their UU.

If I’m making this tech for knights, it means that I need to train more than 30 knights to see a return in gold. This means 300g + 1950g.

On a unit that after becomes a trash unit it makes sense, you can be sure to spam more than 30 of them. But on knights…

Also, magyars too are fine, of anything they need just a very small eco buff at the start.

I don’t really see the point for this, but it wouldn’t neither break the game. Vikings pikes may be strong, but not OP. I mean, japs pikes in castle age deals way more damage than vikings pikes with the UT.

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Why are people making posts that begin with Chinese buffs…


china change is a very good idea
it could easily be counterbalanced by something else

maybe move the bonus TC pop space to some other civ that badly needs the help
they don’t have food for villagers anyways, so being housed at the start is okay