Balance for heavy units

Heavy units have a lot of HP and high Damage, but rarely appear after 2age but They are not as useful as light units to use at 3age

Because the attack power of light units is too strong for heavy units.

Almost all 3age of European civilization consist of a combination of Skirmishers, Dragoons, and 2 Falconets, with no room for heavy units to intervene in this combination.

In order to keep the heavy unit active in 3age, I would like to make some counterbalance suggestions.

  1. Heavy units Damage Increase
    Unless the lighy unit is assembled to completely overwhelm the heavy unit, the overwhelming damage of the heavy unit will make it possible to defeat the light units and make win the battle.

  2. Dragoon’s multiplier nuff to Heavy cavalry
    Dragoons have an excessively high multiplier for heavy cavalry. This should be lowered to 2 or 2.5.

Apart from the proposal for a heavy cavalry, the halberdier should have a higher attack than it is now.
Their heavy cavalry multiplier is not very high. Even if they are not dealing with cavalry, they are not very powerful to melee match
In reward for their slow speed, the units that have approached them must be neutralized in anything.


Because of the use of a translator, the writing may not be smooth. But thank you for reading it.

I hope everyone enjoys the game, And if you have any good ideas, please reply. GG


Hand infantry could definitely use a boost for late game, but it’s not simple. All the hand infantry available in age 2 (except probably for rajputs) are all pretty useful in age 2. That means they can’t be fixed just by buffing their base stats, b/c it would compromise the early game balance.

Fortress age heavy infantry, namely, halbs, skull knights, changdao swordsmen, and macemen are all awkward by design. They’re slow units with a bonus against cav that are countered by literally every other unit type. This means they can only really be useful for sieging and protecting a small area from cav. IMO, if they’re buffed, it should be a switch to ranged resistance so they can’t be whittled down so easily while they close ground or hold a position. Then they’d at least perform better against muskets and ranged cav.

But no matter what you do, they’re always going to be awkward units. skirm/halb gets countered by skirms. halb/falc gets countered by culverins and anything. halb/hussar gets countered by goons.
This is why they’ll only ever be used in small numbers as a niche utility unit. Any buff substantial enough to make them mass-able would probably also break the game. They’d either have to be able to beat their counters or completely ignore their counters, and that’s not going to be healthy for the game.

All that said, halb usage is really low, so a tweak on their base dmg and/or HP could only be a step in the right direction.

Goons can’t get nerfed against cav tho. We need a tool to punish raiding and heavy cav builds, and halbs are still never going to catch up to the cav.

The meaning of my article was that I had to choose between the two, but I am sorry that the meaning was not conveyed well.

Thank you for a good idea. It’s sure that if buff a unit too much, the game will be ruined. But in the present situation where the Skirm/goons/2fals is accepted as basic, I just want to change the heavy units and see more diverse combinations.

I’m sure players with a lot of experience will be able to come up with better solutions without being satisfied with the situation.

This reply may not convey the meaning smoothly because of the help of the translator. Nevertheless, I thank you for reading this article. GG

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Just had an idea that would be partially flavor, partial buff for some heavy units. What if Macemen and Skull knights dealt siege damage instead of melee damage? It would help them against other heavy infantry a lot like muskets.