Balance is *bad*

Devs/insiders/whoever is in charge of this game:

I came back to the game and bought the expansion specifically to play the byzantines. I had already left the game once at the beginning because the balance was shit back then. I’ve never done this but if the balance isn’t properly fixed in the next patch, I’m definitely requesting a refund for this game. It’s not playable, every other multiplayer game is one of the broken builds/civs (ayub FC, JD, ZXL).



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They will for sure balance the new civs and buff byzs. If you doesn’t like the actual state just wait a bit more.

In case of byzantines they will probably get some buffs, but their main problem isn’t to be weak but to be too difficult in my opinion.

In theory with cisterns and all they are very good, but the problem is you need a lot of skill to take advantage of all their offer.

I’m learning them using a Vortix build order and I’m getting very good results, but to get that results with Byzs you need to make a lot of things in a good tempo, this is what makes them weaker than other civs.

Compared with just using english fast castle + MAA spam, for example, they are weak, because english can have like the 100% potential they offer using much less skill, and if something goes wrong it don’t affect them as much as for Byzs. For Byzs if you want to get the 100% you need to put a lot of effort and skill.

More than buff them I would down their difficult in any way. For example making their transition to farms easier, that would also give them more oil.

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Byzantines being weak is not my main concern. The issue is the busted civs & builds. Some matchups have byzantines at a 37% winrate at my level! (diamond) I’d much rather have the byzantines untouched and the busted things nerfed significantly. Weak byzantines only makes the game hard for me, busted civs make the game unfun for everyone.

The big issues are:

  • Jeanne d’Arc. There’s been enough noise about her, but she’s basically a siege unit in feudal. She coutners spears which counters the already very strong unit her civ spams: knights. Just very poor design.
  • Ayyubid Fast Castle option. Castle has always been the tradeoff “you get a big tech up, but you invest a lot”. But ayyubs have very strong castle AND cheaper castle AND free military units starting in feudal to protect/raid? Busted. In particular, they have:
    • Strong armored units (ghulam, lancer)
    • Mounted monks to pick relics quickly
    • Can build siege without a workshop
  • ZXL. The wood discount, the gardens, the jiangnan, the zhugenu. Also the fast castle option. They gave them a bit too much of everything. Of the 3 ZXL is the least annoying to play (because they actually still have a variety in strategy unlike the other two), but it still needs adjustments.

I’m not going to complain about Delhi and Mongols that have and always have been positive in WR, but it would be nice to see small incremental changes (5% more/less here and there, 5-10 res more/less added to costs, etc) to at least try to get the balance at an acceptable level. League of Legends has a huge amount of interactions, they still manage to get winrates within an acceptable 3% usually. Not sure what the balance team is doing wrong on this game, but it’s doing something wrong.


I was conq 1 last season and I’m conq 1 with only playing byzantines this season. In my opinion they need maybe a faster gatherrate from berrieres. U need berries for oil but the gatherrate from berries suck so u lose tempo. You also can’t go early farm transition like English because your farms are not cheaper and this also would make you lose tempo. If u survive early game without losing too much u are in a good position. I also think they nerfed triumph too hard. In this stage it gives you 1 sec. duration every 30sec, stating with 10 (if I’m not wrong) so 5 minutes for a 6 sec buff (when u used it once) which feels quite a long time. Also the winery radius sucks and it doesn’t feels like you get much more oil. The next problem is if the first berries are gone, you won’t be ready to go farms around the winery, so the landmark will be useless for some minutes.

I’d really rather not speak about byzantines specifically. Fix the busted civs, and the byzantines are playable enough that I’m happy. But they could use a small buff.

Btw the hipodrome also gives you +1 triumph point for each unit killed.

Well, I totally agree with you. Jeanne, Ayyubids and ZXL need something to be weaked. Right now the only reason someone would pick french instead of jeanne is because he hasn’t the DLC.

I think byzantines are actually OK, but I 100% agree regarding ayubids, some civs simply have no counter to their FC at the moment.