Balance Monks


as a passionate monk player in aoe2 the new update took away 2 unique techs i liked to use. saracens monk dont give me 30% gold back when my monks die in a heroic fight in combat and my slavic monks dont have armour anymore. cant the devs do something intresting for monks in the next patch.

And the second thing i wanted to say: the teuton team bonus is overpowered. its like the technology „faith“ which is 750 gold and 1000 food for the whole team for free. teutons should have something lile 400 hp more on castle as a teambonus.

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I agree on the team bonus, but more so on first crusade. The second effect is so extra, the tech should do just either or and honestly more conversion resistance UT is uneccesary when faith exists.

I would love to see a imperial age tech thaz allows monks attack move auto convert agggresive stance like it shortly was possible in aoe 1 de

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Wait, didn’t they say Slavs were gonna get that armour for free now? I would be fine with that, it isn’t that crazy.
I think the Teutons Faith Team Bonus is fine, if anything I think Monks are OP with their conversion range and time. I wouldn’t mind harder to kill monks in exchange for shorter range ands time.


oh god NO! auto conversion with block printing would be unbeatable

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Then dotm give the tech to civs with block printing?


They should have made these techs part of the civ bonusses, although Saracens already have a crap ton of bonusses displayed there. So I kind of understand why they did it like this.

Maybe keep the recordings of the games played with the old balance in a separate folder. So you can keep the memory of the good times alive and move on with life… :frowning:

Maybe in the future you can show people how awesome this game used to be if the game continues this direction.

Both of the UTs that got removed were terrible. The whole idea with monks is that you want to keep them alive, so Madrasah isn’t really helpful. And Orthodoxy only lets them tank maybe 1 extra hit from most units, and came in too late for a competitive monk rush. The new UTs are a lot more interesting and useful.


In most cases monk techs come in too late to be useful since they need a castle. The effect needs to be very good to make a difference. The UTs that got removed were never good enough.
Madrasa was especially terrible and did not make sense. In a monk war on arena, your monks will get converted and the effect won’t trigger. In real life, Madrasa is a school. It has nothing to do with getting a refund on death. I am glad it was changed.


Fundamentally monks are held back by the pain of re-doing hotkey bindings when you lose some monks.

Without a way to quickly redo hotkey bindings you cant really use monks in imp except as a mass monk play rolling over from castle age. The micro in the field is hard enough, needing to also spend 5-10 seconds just setting up hotkeys is empirically overkill. Even the fastest players dont try it with any regularity.

So yeah it would be nice if something was implemented to make monks more tolerable to use in imp.


I would like the +2/+2 armor to be added as an extra effect for Inquisition.


exactly, give them bare minimum monastery tech, (possibly even no sanctity) and it might maybe work

something like fervor + heresy + faith. done. bunch of fervent zealots, with little to no religious dogma and thats why they can “auto attack” but with minimal tech.

maybe the UT buffs their speed as well (+0.05)