Balance Oasis Map

I have been playing 2v2 full random games for the most part since release and the Oasis Map type feels like the least balanced map.

The number of berry bushes near your town center on Oasis is reduced and there is usually only groups of 2 or 3 berry bushes close together in the center of the map. Therefore much more time needs to be spent finding gazelle hunts which may or may not be near your town center. There are no fish available in the lake located in the center of the map.

Would the devs please consider changing the Oasis Map so that groups of berry bushes have the same number of berry bushes as other map types? I think this would help greatly because gazzelles are the primary food source on Oasis and hunting them requires a special technique to hunt effectively once a player is able to find them. Wood is scattered in small groups except in the middle of the map too so building a storage pit near several hunts of gazelles is not efficient.

I understand the premise of the map that it is supposed to reflect scarce resources in a desert. However, the Oasis itself does not offer a compelling abundance of resources, besides wood, as the name would suggest.

I like that there are maps with different amounts of resources available. I think the better way to balance that kind of maps is to make gazelles and elephants more evenly distributed around the players’ starting positions. That way, even if getting food remains hard, it’s the same for everyone.

Another solution would be the ability to select the pool of map types from which the map is selected. So if you don’t like oasis, you could have the game pick randomly between all map types except oasis.

Perhaps the oasis could have more resources near the middle. Remember that dedicated oasis map that was in the old game, had heaps of stuff to fight over in the middle :slight_smile:

Oasis is one of my favorite maps, precisely because it is quite different from the rest. The main feature of the map are the limited resources of your initial position, so you are forced to fight for control of the oasis.
I also do not think it’s a good idea to add berries everywhere. Maybe increase hunting.

As said qweytr24, if you do not like it, just choose another. I think it’s good because it’s different.

I too would vote to have oasis removable from the random map rotation. I also realise this is partly due to my limitations as a player. If I was better I’d have less of a problem with it

I can’t stand oasis, a poor AOC map that is polluting AOE, I don’t even get why the centre doesn’t have some resources other than wood.

Chop through the trees, oooo a lake with nothing in it - great!

Only positive I suppose is that its harder to wall than most other maps.

How about a new map type, rocky mountains, excess of gold and stone, but scarce wood and some food.

@Penelinfi said:
How about a new map type, rocky mountains, excess of gold and stone, but scarce wood and some food.

The name Rocky Mountains does not fit the theme of the game, but I like the idea of adding new map types with different amounts of resources.

@Penelinfi said:
How about a new map type, rocky mountains, excess of gold and stone, but scarce wood and some food.

Tiny 3v3 on rivers is similar. There is a lot of stone allowing people to build towers and just stick to the defense or push with the towers slightly, but with the wood on scare there is not enough of it to build Stone Throwers and the games will end in a stalemate. Nice idea, but with no wood the towers will rule too hard.

One does not simply “balance” Oasis

Maybe I had a poor choice of words here. Oasis is balanced in the way that all players have nearly identical quantities of resources available near their town center and the map does not have any features which favor players who start on one side of the map.

I would be satisfied if the only change is the groups of berry bushes in the center of the map would have the same number of berry bushes as they do near the town center.

The Nile - a large river flows through the middle of the map, teaming with fish and shore crocodiles. It turns more into desert towards the edge of the map. Teams are balanced each side, and TC is in the middle area of river and desert. Not on the extremes.