Balance Patch - What I would change

Here is my concept on how I would do balancing in the next patch. I’m not a pro player at all (currently low diamond) but I have watched many of the pro players concerns and it influenced my consideration on how I would balance this. The latest Beasty video has been particularly useful. I decided I would make a concept for a balance patch, in the same way others have created civ concept on this forum before.

Note that this is more on the cautious side, avoiding huge game changes, and instead focusing on a few critical points that need to be addressed with slight tweak. It does not include bug fix, and mostly focus on new civs. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Here it is:

Floating Gate Yorishiro: Resources generation changed from 75 to 60 if placed in a resources generating building.
Samourai Odachi tech: Now does not grant extra range anymore to the samourai.
Ozutsu: Armor reduced from 4 to 3, bonus damage against building reduced from 130 to 120. HP Reduced from 160 to 150.
Budhist Temple Landmark: Now also spawns 2 free monks upon completion.
Budhist Monk Sohei’s Sutra Ability: Now works a bit better at being casted automatically, by prioritizing high-damage targets and prioritizing the skill over healing during battles.

Grand Winery: Aura Range increased by 2 tiles. Unlock training of monks in the feudal age.
Cistern of first hill provides 2 water levels.
Byzantine start with 100 stone instead of 50.

Jeanne D’Arc
Reviving her with gold now takes 20 seconds of queue time in the TC.
Reviving ability cost and time gets a discounted based on how close you are from her reviving for free (if you waited 50% of the time, she is revived at 50% of the cost and in 10 sec).
Jeanne XP required to level up changed from 500/500/1500 to 500/750/1500

Casino wing:
Cannot train villagers anymore. (Traders are still available)
Instead, the slot that had villager is replaced with a unique unit based on which age you built the wing:
Feudal: Desert Raider
Castle: Camel Lancer
Imperial: Culverin
Training units at the casino wing now takes 7 seconds instead of being instant. Resources trade are still instant.

Military Wing blacksmith: Now also researches all blacksmith research from previous age (not only the current age).

Zhu Xi legacy
Shaolin Monks HP reduced from 170 to 150
Song dynasty does not apply to defensive building (outpost/walls)
Meditation Garden resources production is now reduced by 20% per nearby enemy unit instead of 10% (so you only need 5 units nearby to completely negate it)
Divine Defense (Temple of the sun toggle) also increases the range of springald by +0.5 tile

Order of the Dragon
Start with 6 villagers like other civs
Archen chapel aura range increased by 2 tiles.
Archen chapel can now hold 1 relic, when it does, the aura gathering rate is increased to 15% instead of 10%. (Relic still generates gold.)
Meinwork Golden Cuirrass: Grants 20% damage reduction when below 25% hp (instead of 20%)
New Tech at the barrack (Age III): Battle Axes: Guilded MAA equip a one handed axe and deal +6 damage against light units. (The axe 3d model already exist as a bug)
War horses: War horses now lasts for 3 seconds after the charge as well, instead of just during the charge.

Old Civs

Great Bombard HP reduced from 350 to 300 (Still takes 5 springald hit without the Siege Works upgrade, but will take 6 springald hit instead of 7 with Siege Works upgrade)
Janissary base damage increased from 16 to 18
Janissary bonus damage against cavalry reduced from 16 to 8
Jannissary gun tech increase damage by +5 instead of +3.
Sea Gate Castle comes with a free great bombard emplacement.

Note: Janissaries make cavalry completely obsolete and in current format you just can’t use cavalry at all against ottoman jani. This change goal is to make Janissaries a bit more versatile, while still countering cavalry, but without completely annihilating them. The improved imperial age tech should make them slightly more similar to handcannoner in imperial in terms of attack. The effective change in imperial is -4 against cavalry but +4 against other units.

Zeal ability increase the attack speed for 7 seconds instead of 3.

Burgrave palace spawn 3 landsknetch for free upon completion

Mongol can now build wood walls in imperial age, after researching the Pax Mongolica tech.


If devs make these changes, they should change Jans +50% damage to the %25 from archers. Jans counter cav is lost. Jans need rework. They should use bow and swords. Ottomans needs new units like Kapıkulu Sipahi Heavy Cav, Current Sipahi to the Deli, Spearman turn Azaps. Also why dont Ottomans use normal cannons? Devs s… making Ottoman civ.

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Yeah that could be potentially a good idea to remove the 50% damage bonus on range. I was never fan of it. Janissaries HP would probably need to be reduced though in addition to my other changes so that archer still trade well against them.

I don’t think it would remove janissary counter against cavalry though. They already countered calvary way too harshly. 18+ 8 vs cavalry is still a good enough cavalry counter, they just don’t completely annihilate them.

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The changes on the new civs seems reasonable, btw, odachi range increase wasn’t a bug?

Also, I will include the buddist monks as military units, so they can be selected with the select all military units and make the integration with your army easier.

I will also include a toggle on them, to prioritize healing or debuffing.

I will also make both castle landmarks a fully temple, where technologies can be researched and monks trained. Also relics can be placed inside.

I will also consider making the debuff an aura, lowing the debuff value to the value that it seems balanced.

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I like that shinto isn’t a temple because it’s already so strong.

Im not sure about odashi if it’s a bug or if it’s intended but wasn’t specified.

Either case should be removed.

Wasn’t Byz already gain oil 20% from trade already? Or Upgrade to gain 20% more?

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You’re right, i will remove