Balance problem

The gap between strength and weakness is too obvious, France is too perfect, and China is too weak. In the early stage, China was crushed and beaten by heavy infantry on the opposite side. It is recommended to add heavy infantry and heavy cavalry to China in the early stage. Strengthen China’s infantry, heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, cavalry, honeycomb artillery, and Zhuge crossbow. Let China’s large arrow towers be able to send troops. In terms of modeling, modify the crossbows of crossbowmen and Zhuge crossbows. They are not Chinese crossbows. Replace the heavy cavalry sword with Fangtian painted halberd, because the sword is not for charging, and then modify the Chinese armor. Not as sophisticated as the Mongolian nomads. There are also some bugs. China’s construction bonus is 200% but only 150%.


I think you need to be quite limited in your thinking to claim dehli is the worst civilization. They are still getting figured out and people are starting to play them at high level.

The main reason is that not only I alone say that China is weak, but many people say, including the Sultan of Delhi, but I have been playing China so let’s talk about it!

How china can be weak when it have Official which boost ur economy +20% for free. Free cashback.

Chinese soldiers are weak, and no one wants to use China and the Sultan of Delhi to prove that these two civilizations are too weak. I’m not the only one who feels that way.

But dehli was used in the 20 000 USD tournament?