Balance Suggestion with Justification, Stats and more

Yeah I have to agree with most the people who already posted on that topic. Most those changes are at best unnecessary, the op doesn’t even understand how math works, and he considers a 52% winrate as worthy of nerfing.


I think its better to balance step by step. Implement at once is hard to adapt. Buffing the weaker one should be prioritized over nerfing the stronger one. But I think some of the nerf is unnecessary.

Why those changes sounds a lot to the Parthnan’s demands?

PD: And the guy that wrote the post has fame on that site lol

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Imagine nerfing a UU which is already really bad on open maps. Celts, Mayans, Vietnamese, Aztecs, Slavs, Franks, Britons Indians, (wtf), Goths (wtf2), Light Cavs are balanced.

Italians need a military bonus throughout ages.

Koreans aren’t a crossbowman spamming civilization.

I agree with Portuguese and Steppe Lancers.

Burmese Arambais are completely broken on Arena. I’d nerf their range and pierce armor. (Elite would have +1 range then) To compensate this their Elephants should get +1 pierce armor for free and the second archer armor should be available. (ofc Siege Rams, Siege Onagers, cheaper Manipur Cavalry can still be a thing)

I guess it’s nice of the OP to spread the laughter, after all people outside of AoEzone can have fun too 11


Th op is mod creator of the realms which was a larger expansion than wololokingdoms, there was a tournament or 2 with that mod, daut won it everything was fine until he started a war vs wololokingdoms and that is how he got that reputation.

Don’t be so hard on him,i read a lot of crazy suggestion in these forums, thanks to 900 elo players the arambai cost was reduced and we have the 2 castle arambai meme at every arena game, hideout, etc.


He is not, i repeat not, the creator of Realms
Other than that you are right

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Ok and you have any proof of that? because I don’t remember any suggestion about Arambai here never.

Yeah and then started to complain about DE with some crazy conspiracy theories…

I may not agree with all the suggestions, but some of the reasons brought are actually correct…

No, he isn’t. He was just a supporter of the mod.
Tbh the mod balance was really, really bad too


I don’t think -5 wood is what triggered that, it’s more likely someone who didn’t listen to all the complaints and found a strong strat by themselves.

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someone one day just decided to try an already known strat (double castle conq) with arambai


Clearly -5 wood is not what caused it, the unit already needed a nerf in DE, somehow it fires faster than cav archer, it melts melee units and buildings and the civ gets wood upgrades for free,which is a bad combination, but ppl here were asking for a buff to burmese and arambai instead, so the devs decided to listen the community and not reducing all the bonuses that burmese have kept since rise of rajas. The small nerfs that the civ got weren’t that much and the nasty captains/draft mode reduced highly the abuse of OP civs, reducing the samples of tournaments games.

just like the first comment in that thread says the guy wants to buff franks and HEAVILY nerf goths. that says it all. anything else that might seem like a good idea likely stems from it being stolen from someone else…

you shared his post so clearly you agree with him