Balance Suggestions for the Next Patch

Since there are several posts regarding similar topics and they all are a “sweden is bad” posts, i thought i would make a different post with my suggestions:

Improvement of life changes

  • Improve the Chat system by saving conversations;
  • Let us know when our friends are online;
  • In Treaty Games put the Tag (Supremacy - Treaty x mins) on the top of the main screen

Balance Changes

Put a tag on Mounted Granadero (either light cav or Heavy Cav or something unique… The point is the unit must have a counter that is just not “high damage units”) The tag is not supposed to make the unit unusable, but force Argentinians to combine their granaderos with other units;

Redesign the Roshior Dragoon so that is a viable unit. You get one with each blockhouse or outpost, but that is it (its a unit that does not even compare with a Guard Dragoon and is available to the only civs without goons). Perhaps allow their training in the saloon (idk)

Haijuks I dont see the point of this unit as the Pandur (also available for Romania) is twice as good with twice the stats and twice the price.

This revolution for Ottoman should allow a Nizam transition but its simply unusable as not only it kills the economy by converting every settler into revolutionary, but also takes the only good bonus of the ottoman. I suggest either do not converting the settlers into revolutionaries or in case of Ottoman revolution, the citizens are automatically spawned.

South Africa
Limit Wanderlust to 10 times (in really long games i had hussars more powerful than mams)

Increase the Bank cost to 400f 400w or 350f/400w. While maintaining the mining bonus, will allow more flexibility in the commerce age

Eliminate the Logistician Team Exploit


  • HP to 850
  • Limit the number of Torps allowed - increase Torp pop to 15 (last 4 torps demand Dominions)
  • Change Infinite Mams by infinite Harquebusiers


  • Introduce Age I politician that gives 3 Warrior priests.
  • Increase Coyote HP by 10%
  • Give Jaguar Prowler Knight a 20% ranged resist (while maintaining the HI tag)

Strelet Combat gives 2 range

Shrines HP - 850


  • Give a Wall radius so that its no longer possible to triple or quadruple wall an area.
  • Make the Pillars, part of the section of a wall

Most of what you’ve written is very nice and broadens what needs fixing. Only one thing I want to comment on and which I believe does need fixing

Wanderlust is a good card. But it is the 1st time in the history of AOE3 that such card is stronger than going Imperial Where it outscales Imperial. And Imperial age is hard enough to get already. So fixing the card to a fixed amount of usages I believe is the right thing to do.


The torp change is bad.


Careful in suggesting to have build radius around walls. That just sounds like asking for new game breaking bugs to appear.

Perhaps a simpler approach like increasing cost if bastion walls is the way to go

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Regarding Dutch part, this adjustment to banks will make them much weaker compared to torps and shrines, which torps and shrines are more disgusting than banks.

I would prefer age1 = 1 bank, age2 = 3 banks, age3 = 5 banks for limit.

Reduce the life of the bank in colonial and that in fortresses it increases automatically, Also that the limit of banks is 3 in colonial and in fortresses it is 5, in return you let the missionary build banks x 1,1 faster than a villager. The other option is to leave the 15% as it was before

Wanderlust is not better than going Imperial. Imperial units have +50% attack and HP, killing SA units quickly. Keeping to long ganes is the SA feature and their enemies have to kill it ASAP

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This could help natives

So requiring a card to get 200 population is bad idea.

Having played a bit more Sweden myself lately i noticed torps build a little too fast, so instead of nerfing unique things sweden has, how about adding 5 seconds to torp build time?


Regarding Aztec changes:

  1. 3 Warrior Priest Politician - good idea in my opinion. Another idea suggested in previous Aztec threads was to add one additional WP to every Politician.
  2. 10% more Coyote HP seems to be too strong. Aztec rush would be even more devastating. Instead I think that this 10% could be added to Silent Strike card (allows Coyotes to be stealthy). This card is underused but with additional HP for Coyotes it could be a good idea to have in a deck.
  3. Range resistance for Jaguar Prowl Knight - it could be done, but I think that instead it would be better to give a technology to increase their speed from 4.5 to 5.0 like a Pikeman. They already have a big health pool but they are often too slow to engage. With Stealth Mode their speed is 2.25 so terribly slow.

Maybe coyotes HP could be added to elite upgrade (1st one) like they did with imperial sepoys. This could help for treaty games, where stealth is useless

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In long games - where mass walling occurs - cost is not the issue. Hence the problem would persist

Treaty games, or FFA or big team games can allow this. Why not take car of the problem with a limit to wanderlust

This does not address the problem of the swedish mid game. You need to make torps more flimsy for the risk return to BE balanced. The time only punishes the very early game.

The 3 WP would synergize well with the 3 WP card allowing them for a better eco start.

I agree that the +10%hp could be in a card, but i like the other suggestions of boosting the elite upgrade with that HP boost

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Torps taking longer to build will have several effects:

  1. More villager time will be “wasted” on getting them up. 5 extra seconds will mean 20 torps will require 100s more villager time to get up, so the time it takes for torps to pay for themselves is increased.
  2. It will make Sweden economic boom more evenly distributed across time, rather than big bursts.
  3. It will take longer to recover from destroyed torps and it will give you more time to punish them.
  4. Sweden players will need to be more proactive about getting supply locked.

Walls need a nerf, I agree 100%.

Increased cost, together with a 20% hp nerf should do it. Also pillars should be part of the wall, and attacking a wall section should damage 2 more sections nearby, in both directions (so attacking 1 section actually damages 5: 100% damage on target section, 50% damage on the adjacent sections, 25% on the further sections).

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Walls have already been significantly nerfed since the original, the upgrade bastion is also very expensive.

Nerfing walls further will just mean more layers are needed, if you nerf them 20% then instead of 1 or 2 layers players will build 3 or 4.

I thought that typically 3 sections of the wall get damaged by the splash damage, at least that happens for me like 1 pillar and 2 walls either side all get damaged.

I guess the purpose of the wall nerf is for team/treaty? in 1v1 you rarely see walls tbh and if you do it’s usually just 1 layer, I’ll often build 1 layer wall just so that when i’m focused on a battle I don’t get caught off guard by a raid as easily.

God shut up about your shrines, just shut it and get over yourself.

1 shrine is not even equel to a settler.


So true. Japan can cause people irrational.

Because I don’t think so, so you need to shut up. << 3rd lord comes out.

I need to avoid any possibility from nerfing shrine! 21.

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No. Not even close. All the meta is now about walls.

I have nearly 400 ranked games and I rarely see more than 1 wall, so not sure what you mean and where all these walls are?

It doesnt matter if you or me are right or you and me wrong, you just dont need to fill every balance post with your shrine complaining.

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