Balance (&) Suggestions

-1 Chariot archer range
+1 pierce armour Hoplite
+3 near gold spawn in map script

Start preliminary tournament schedulings for both online and off, globally.
Poll balance changes to 2k+ ELO’s once the system is up.
Get ranked/ELO system up for early access as a priority.

Hi Bill Gates :smiley:

Also it should be a conscientious objective by all involved to have all civs equally viable for competitive play in terms of balance.

I think charriot archer are to fast so less speed would be better but there is a so long time that i haven’t play aoe1 and this is what i remember about them.

I don’t think hoplites should have more pierce armor. They are meant to counter melee units and be countered by archers and that’s what they do already. If you couldn’t counter them with archers, they would be unbeatable.

I agree that chariot archers need to be nerfed and slightly decreased range and speed seems like the best way to do it. Currently there are no real counters to chariot archers in the bronze age, but if they were slower, cavalry could work as a counter.

@ID @qweytr24 I agree, Chariots, historically speaking, suffered mightily on uneven terrain and a good way to reflect that would be to have them be slower then say Camelry? As Camelry are a counter for Cav in this game.

Yes, my favorite thing about AOE 2 is that, in the hands of a Compitant player, any civ can bring you to victory.

Agree on the chariots & the greetings to Bill.

Hoplites are already strong. Maybe giving centurion +1 piercing armor would be good, but definitely not giving bronze age hoplite +1 piercing armor.

Chariot archers problem is not as much of an its range as it is in it speed and the lack of good counter play pre iron age.


I think your forgetting regular chariots. The melee type. I used them pretty good vs chariot archers if they didnt out number me too much