Balance Sweden

If they were heavy cav right now they would trade evenly maybe, as light cav they obliterate goons

you know that the torps will be placed around mines, if you know where the mines are on the map you can prevent the boom entirely and Sweden would not be able to get the ressources for a hakkapelit mass that is big enough to compensate their low hp. Scouting and raiding is your best friend and if you don’t then it’s on you. If you let dutch go for 5 banks uninterrupted and unpunished you don’t get to blame your enemy for being op, it’s on you for letting him, same with shrines or manors.

Well yeah but once they change the multiplier to only vs heavy cav they’ll be fine.

I propose for Hakkapel:

  • Reduce the multiplier against seattlers to x0.50 from x0.60.
  • Eliminates Trample mode as it is tagged as light cavalry and not heavy (although it tagged as Hand cavalry would make it too good).
  • Melee attack x1.5 vs Heavy Cavalry and not Cavalry.
  • Remove ×1.0 vs Pikeman as it will already do damage by doing shoot and run and has an area attack.
  • Remove ×1.0 vs Pet is quite embarrassing.
    Otherwise, restore it as before.