Balance Team Roundtable tl;dr "Age of Springald is ending soon."

Latest from the balance team at relic:

Upcoming hotfix will supposedly target the major bugs (tech stacks, various resource exploits) and springald will go from 60+20 (base+anti-siege) to 30+90 damage (+100 resources, also reduced speed).

I can see how frustrating it is to play against players using the exploits. I personally enjoyed testing out the exploits against AI. Some of them are the most laugh-out-loud hilarious moments I have had playing Age games - like attacking with spears from across the screen only to crash your computer a few minutes later (20 barracks+phalanx will do that).

tl;dr "Age of Springald is ending soon."


“Patch Preview: Age of Empires IV — Patch 9369 - Age of Empires” Patch Preview: Age of Empires IV — Patch 9369 - Age of Empires


What I find most concerning is the fact, they mentioned that the “next big update” will focus on bugs. So they use this hotfix to get rid of the major game-breakers, while we have to wait quite some time until all the broken things which are relevant for gameplay, mainly the upgrades not working properly, will be fixed.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Fix everything that is there so you have a stable base and from that point on, start balancing and reworking. For example, with Dheli broken in many aspects, shouldn’t have they first fix all that stuff and then think about how to balance them? Surely players can longer live with that one strategy than having right out parts of the tech tree unusable.

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What is with the Bracing bug for the Spearman from HRE and Dehli?

This isnt listed in the coming Patch and in the livestream they said that they would include it in the hotfix.

This is a GAMEBREAKING Bug for that Faction. U cant counter Knights with Crossbows alone and vs Horseman/Firelancers u cant do anything.

So 2 of 8 Factions aka 25% have a fundamental problem with the countersystem this game is based on.

So when will this beta end, is the release date actually set yet?


Calm down, if the developer wants to continue the game great, they will fix these bugs soon.
Just give them some time.
Although I think they should spend more time testing before the game is released.

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Don’t forget that the patch came out a week earlier by mistake so they might add other things for it.
eliot_re comments on Patch notes 9189 - Age of Empires IV (

I´m confused atm. What was posted by mistake and what was corrected?

After reading it again, I cant see the bracing topic and the list is quite short in comparison what they said in the stream and answered in the chat.

I think they released the patch notes before the details were finalized. They have released a preview of the patch notes, likely for confirmed changes:

Release Notes

  • Additional tuning done to balance Springalds, based on player feedback that the unit was too effective.

Developer Note: We’ve refocused the Springald unit to be strong vs exclusively siege units and not a generalist that is effective against most units.

  • Details include:
    • Springald cost increased from 200 Gold/200 Wood to 250 Gold/250 Wood
    • Springald bonus damage vs. Siege engines increased from 20 to 90
    • Springald base damage reduced from 60 to 30
    • Springald move speed decreased from 4 to 3.75
  • Fixes for various exploits that saw deleted buildings return too many additional resources. This fix applies to several combinations of buildings and technologies you’ve reported, including:
    • Deleting a building with the Court Architects tech no longer returns additional resources.
    • Combining the French Keep Influence and unit generation will no longer result in a refund of additional resources. Similar fixes have been put into place for the Chinese and Rus civilizations.
    • Deleting or having Rus Hunting Cabin buildings destroyed will no longer result in increased Gold generation.
    • Deleting an intersection of Stone Wall no longer returns additional stone. (This was an inclusion in our previous update, but the team has rocked the investigation to ensure that we’re on a clean slate.)
  • Abbasid Dynasty technologies can no longer be researched at multiple buildings to apply a stacking effect. This previously impacted technologies within the House of Wisdom, including Phalanx, Composite Bow, and Camel Speed.
  • Fix for an exploit with the Chinese Traders and Neutral & Allied Markets.
  • Minor stability fixes for crashes encountered on specific DirectX versions.
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I know everyone is saying this… but no Delhi changes at all? Do they just not care about the civ?

It’s a joke atm.

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