Balance to knights

The tournament so far has heavily favored French but I think the knight doesn’t necessarily need a nerf but rather the counter system needs to be stronger. Currently camels are MAYBE the only unit that can cost effectively counter knights without requiring a superior micro.

Alternatively to just making the counter system strong I recommend making go full knight inefficient by increasing the cost and population. Making them cost more males harder to mass early and making them cost more pop hinders late game major knight composition masses. Also maybe just late game with certain strong strong knight upgrades add additional que time like 10 seconds.

The knight has been weakened. Compared with the beta version of the knight, the current knight is more difficult to contend with the pikemen and has a longer training time. The French knights are very powerful, but I don’t think we need to strengthen the anti-intellectual units. This will only look like AOE2, and lack a core unit to support the combat effectiveness of the troops and cause chaos.