Balancing Air Civs (AoE5 theory)

I’m brainstorming what the original AoE4 would have been like under Ensemble Studios, as they had planned it to be (modern warfare RTS/future wars). In SWGB the air units are fairly powerful (watching videos only… Sadly I don’t have the game right now) and if the original WW2/modern era RTS had been made, how would air have been balanced?

StarCraft does this by making the units effectively weak, with battlecruisers being easy to take down cost - effectively, but in real life it’s far more like chess what with SEAD/DEAD. Air units also need a lot of space to use effectively, but they’re not 3d like Homeworld… They move on a (locally) 2d plane.

I could think of a couple ways it could work, but I would appreciate feedback. Maybe we can end up making a mod with this idea some time :joy:.

  1. Low loiter times. Would need micro of air refueling
  2. SAM IADS. Somehow :laughing: Fog of war sorta plays into this, maybe make sams only partly reveal fog with like an alpha opacity so you have to overlay them?
  3. Air units are extremely expensive or have very long train times compared to infantry.
  4. Huge maps meaning they have to navigate over huge spaces making their speed less relevant
    5 ???
  5. Profit?

Although I feel like to model modern wars it would need to more heavily model logistics… Looking at you, Russia :wink:
But air units being balanced is kinda an important first step lol.

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