Balista elephant instead of scorpion for ror civs?

Sinci indian civs share elephant archers , it can be a good feature for game. Balista elephant already useless in nowdays.

No. This is an awful idea. Why would you give them ballista elephants? It does not make any sense if you think they are bad units. It sounds like a nerf to me.

In Post-imperial games ballista elephants work perfectly with the Khmer. Late game with trade boom.

ofc dev team will make some changes.

If you think ballista elephants are useless you havsnt been paying attention. Since the recent buff the feedback on them has been very positive

I know but not enough.

Considering they are on an already very strong civ, and when massed they are very hard to counter, they are strong enough.

What do you want then? Replace them with Siege Onager Elephants? So, you have high HP death machines with Onager on their back?

They are tanky, and hard to kill. When massed they are a moving wall of death with high HP.

I mean remove scorpion and add BE to siegeworkshop

and what is the new khmer unique unit going to be?
furthermore do we really need to add yet more regional units to the south asia and south east asia region?

furthermore we have some people claiming they got over buffed, others believe it’s in a good spot now - can you imagine what they would say if ballista elephant were easier to mass because they are now available in the SW instead of the castle?


Ballista elephant is not even close to a substitute of scorpions. Less range, less pierce armor but more HP. Knights for example counter scorpions but not ballista elephants.

Before you troll us bi-weekly with a clowny post, please think, invest your time and thoughts into it.
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But Khmer doesn’t share anything with RoR civs… it is like make Conquistador a regional unit with meso civs