Ballista Elephant Wood bug?

I try to read all updates about civ changes and gameplay changes but, i didn’t read about Khmer Actually Ballista Eles can’t cut woods anymore. I tried today to play khmer flank in arena, trying to pass through enemie base and I simply couldn’t. I lose that game bcs its impossible to do.

Next to this i tried some plays in scenario editor and not simply can’t cut woods, now Ballista Eles, suffers an strange targeting behavior.

This game has a lot of bugs, sadly.

I tested it and it works.

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So strange… Look at this.

Could a problem in my game, but this problem i see happened in multiplayer. It can’t be possible :confused:

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Oh ok so it isn’t the normal behaviour. In my testing those stumps would be destroyed whether I cut another tree right next to them so try doing this if you try and use ballista eles again.

I have the same bug as RenMajestic. I think it has to do with how the felled trees are shown. If you attack a tree with a ballista elephant, it shows a felled/cut tree with 0 HP and 100 wood, just like if a lumberjack just chopped it. However, if you walk your elephant over it, it clears the tree and there is no animation remaining in that tile. Can someone confirm this behaviour? It is still possible to cut a path through a forest using these units, but the animation makes the player think otherwise. You just have to force your units to walk over the felled trees and they should disappear.