Ban arabia, play runic stones

I ban Arabia and have to play Runic stones. The two maps are more than 80% similar to each other. Where is the logic here?

So? The map you get given isn’t based on similarity to other maps, it will literally only be effected by the maps you ban or favorite. If you ban Arabia, and leave runestones open, then there is every chance you will get it.

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that is what i am saying. Game force you to play arabia even you ban it.

You did ban it. You just didn’t ban runestones as well. Besides, what is the problem with Arabia?

Game force you to play nearly same map that you banned. It is not about arabia or runestone. That is just an example.

None the less, that is more about the design of the map, and how you choose to allocate your bans than about the game itself.

You have 3 map bans, just ban runestones too if you don`t like arabia-like maps

You have 2 opportunities to show your dislike for Runestones. You can ban it and you can choose not to vote for it on the map rotation forum thread. It has better woodlines than Arabia anyway, so you can much more easily wall it up and play it like Hideout if that’s your thing.

Somehow people here are fundamentally unable to understand that many don’t like to play a lot of these maps and therefore the system is counterproductive. No matter what the reasons might be, it’s pointless when people don’t enjoy the maps.

I am not talking about solo. I am saying about team games. Ofc i can ban in solo games.

If it is not about arabia and runestones in particular, then do not mention them in your title. Otherwise it is…

About the topic “some Multiplayer ranked maps are too similar to each other”: this is one of the problems with “single queue”. The logic is as following: peoplevote for the map they prefer. If most people enjoy arabia-like maps the most, they will select Arabia, Runestones, and Lombardia for the next map rotations. And then they will be happy to play mostly the map style they enjoy.
Obviously, people in the “minority” will not be able to easily ban out every map they do not like.

I see no problem even seeing maps that are 95% alike in the map rotation, nothing illogic or wrong about it. The problem is that some other people (like you) end up only playing maps they do not enjoy, which leads to dissatisfaction. And the community is very divided on the ranked matchmacking system and on what it is supposed to provide to the players.

Sorry but it is about what devs made of Arabia and Runestones.
They are indeed way too similar as they are both very agressive maps now. The main difference in gameplay now are the elevations.
And it’s weird cause devs could easily have returned arabia to the status it had 2 or 3 major patches ago. Then we would have had 2 very different maps to chose from.

Instead in the last patch they decided to make them even more similar then they were before. And then gave us the “choice”.


Giving more bans on team games would mean waiting even longer for games. No thanks. Play 1v1 if you want more choice over maps.

Get yourself a teammate and ask him to ban Runestones for you while you can ban Arabia. Whats you steam invitation number? Ill add you

Are you actually wanting them to restore it to the version where some players would spawn without woodlines? I’ve lost track of all the versions, but I seem to remember that 2-3 versions ago.

I mean the version before this absurd shenanigans when they removed the middle wood and you got these back woodlines. And a lot of these woodlines looked just like loveless very thin bricks… this crazy map nobody ever understood why anybody would consider that a viable map for the pool.

There is no logic actually, they’ve turned Runestones into an Arabia. In fact Runestones has smaller multiple woodlines, encouraging a chain of walls between them. Meh bad design.

Where is our AOC Arabia?

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Even the new runestones is different from arabia but there is no denying that the map is simply bad after the last change. It is still fairly easy to get the full wall down so scouts usually isn’t great here und even maa not as good as say on arabia. You have quite a lot of woodlines but they are way thinner compared to arabia. Usually this leads to early game archers only and from midgame onwards it’s all about woodlines as you have to spread out your base so cav becomes the dominant unit. Most games play out fairly similar and it’s good to see they finally got rid of it in the mappool.

Yup, exactly. Tiny woodlines = Skirmishers meta. RIP meta.