Ban Nomad forever?!?!?!?

The map Nomad is a complete joke and should be removed from the competitive map rotation, both via dev choice and player vote. The people that support this type of map are the people that base their entire playstyle on luck and not actual skill. Sure it’s a change from the constant rotation of Arabia and black forest re-skins but that does not make it a Good map. Now the argument of you have enough bans becomes invalid when the map rotation is consistently riddled with other inferior maps such as Socotra and Pacific islands and therefore uses up the necessary bans needed to get into a Reasonable game. Once again Nomad has Infected the competitive rotation in addition to mega random (those people who voted for this probably come from the same nomad cult that riddles the rotation on a continuous basis). END THE NOMAD Madness and permaban it from any rotation in the future. If people really want to play it then PLAY IT IN CASUAL GAMES. This has been a message from the concerned players of AOE2 DE. Cheers.


only if we ban arabia forever


Adapt to a lucky based maps is an skill too.


nomad for the win. one of the best maps ever!
it’s just that it has it’s own game development, but that’s also true for arabia/arena etc.
on nomad so many things happen, which are usually not the case:

  • a single player can delay multiple opponents with tower/castle drops
  • playing uu is viable
  • a player can get a freeboom and then kill all opponents
  • you can play or let lose of water
  • it is demanding on apm and map oversight

… there is a reason why nomad is popular


I would honestly take that trade!


Sure it is but that doesn’t change the fact that the competitive map pool continues to be riddled with luck based maps and therefore they cannot be avoided by the players that actually want to play a semi predictable map.

we don’t vote for nomad / megarandom because they are good maps

we vote for nomad / megarandom because they are less bad than garbage like arena / black forest / arabia

a bunch of civs are underpowered because some of their bonuses only apply on water maps. i don’t agree with that balancing decision, but it is the game we’re stuck with

some of us want to play age of empires, not age of franks + xbow civs

nomad is basically the only map that isn’t entirely about players massing crossbows blindly. it’s not a good map, but as long as the developers continue to fail to balance the units properly, it’s a necessary one


Nomad is far from the one of the best maps ever!
Response to:
Point 1: That creates a completely unbalance game which causes players to ragequit
Point 2: Playing uu is viable on other maps but the prevalence of them is lesser therefore denying just skipping out on actual strategy.
Point 3: Yes
Point 4: If you want to play or let lose of water then just play four lakes.
Point 5: The apm argument is only valid if the match doesn’t end immediately because of garbage placement and map oversight is always needed.

Agreed the balancing is something that is in desperate need of fixing.

Nomad itself is a good mode - but the start is too offsetting for it to be in ranked unless it’s an off-shoot mode

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I don’t know what you are talking about!? The fact that you don’t go 6 on sheep or 3 on wood or what? 11


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honestly nomad is different and therefore more exciting to play

and yes as it might not be easy for beginners it is an integral part of the maps and as landnomad nomad or megarandom bring variety i think its that variety that is needed


That variety can be made absolutely fun in the secondary queue

its not needed in the main queue its a part of adapting to maps and so is every other map

nomad is purposly in the main queue and honestly thats where it should stay since if no one ever adapt to stuff then what is the purpose


Nomand and mega random both are far too different from regular starts - Arabia - arena - islands are all normal starts with variables that can be adapted to naturally - nomad and mega random are not.

you adapt from the uknown and adjust map priority and where you build

that counts too

The variable differences are too large to justify them being set in the same queue as a regular starts ranked queue

they are parshly different but not big enough for an extra Q

Which is why multiple modes together justify it rather than just the one or two.