Ban Nomad forever?!?!?!?

Testing testing 1234567890

Nope - sadly

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What if I- @HealFortress

I already used the @mention a user to get the badge - if you haven’t used it yet try @ yourself to see if you get the badge

You have no idea how many times I’ve used it, if I could get that badge multiple times I would probably have 980 badges.

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Added a post that would help nomad improve by being placed in the secondary queue

We need another ranked queue I feel where it’s random civ random position every time and maybe just random map every time think nomad should stay but wouldn’t be opposed to it being dropped if we had such a playlist as it imo is a “fun” map doesn’t fit for me in a strictly competitive playlist like we have currently but if no “fun” playlist ever happens Id still want nomad for the rare time I play it

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This is just ridiculous…

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Nomad is a map that not everyone likes, cause its based on luck, while you can be spammed all alone and boom as much as you want, you can also be placed among all the enemies, savages on DE don’t even respect the old 5 mins norm of not attacking in such ugly map, so we have to deal with tc rushes and vill fight so often, there is no fun on that and it is actually quite predictable, same civs all the time like arabia with little variations, some guys take water some others castle drops and spam UU like if it was CBA.

Honestly it is ok if you like to play that, but in voobly nomad was a FFA map, it should played on unranked lobbies, as long as DE players don’t respect the 5 minutes rule it is pointless to keep that map as a competitive one.

Nomad is my perma ban, cause if i don’t ban it thanks to stackers i get to play that map all night.

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You agree with me that it is part of the full RM experience journey, but you still want it to put it in a different queue?!

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Within ranked - yes.

Its pretty hard when all these other inferior maps infect the pool on a constant basis. Like for example Megarandom was not part of the dev chosen maps for the first time in what seems months and the people VOTED IT IN. Like what the heck is wrong with these people.

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the people wanted something that spiced it up instead of the same old plain maps like arabia bf or arena and thats why i think the majority of arabia only player is wrong when it comes to majority of favourite mapes as yes there are duplicates voted in. but nobody would vote the same ol plain map in if in the definition itself aoe2 de aswell as the games before had an allready bountyful selection of maps

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Voting in entirely different modes is detrimental; however - more maps are great.
At least for the basic ranked queue - fun and delicious chaos is to be had on the second queue

You can always use your bans on maps like nomand. No one is holding you back to do that. So no need to move a map, because you seems to be bad at that specific map, to a different queue.

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Wasting bans on banning modes instead of banning maps is a waste of a ban. Especially when it’s 100% of the time. Nomad is not a map - it is a separate mode like death match, regicide, king of the hill, etc

Nomad is still RM its just a different start. It’s not like any of the objectives have changed like in regicide or wonder race. It’s still a map.


This is clearly not true at all. Nomad is just a random map script. Next to this you can pick your own game mode. So you can play Nomad as Random map (like it is in the map mode), as Death match, as regicide, as king of the hill, as wonder race, …

The same applies to maps like Arabia, Black Forest, Rivers, Four Lakes, Coastal Lake, Crater, MegaRandom, Arena, Oasis, …

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I could also play death match on random map, regicide etc - nomad just happens to have maps specifically made for it but it is a separate mode all the same.

I could be wrong - but the fact that there are separate modes in the basic start ranked queue is unsettling at best.

I have no idea what your try to say with this post. Totally unclear to me.