Ban people that leave games

Please Ban leavers more often and for longer periods please!!!

I have played 5 games tonight 4 ranked and 1 quick match and someone left in the middle of the game in every match .

These people ruin the game and im considering quitting because of it.

Im afraid to queue up especially during weekends. Im afraid of a game queue thats because of leavers and i know how it sounds but its true!!!

Games should be about having fun but there is nothing fun with leavers!!!


Right there with ya when it comes to people leaving a game!
Hoping there will be a leaver queue penalty in the future.

It’s tough having to 1v4 just because one player left and you know everybody else follow suits.
I always try my best to communicate with my team mates via VC, pings, and chat so I can get involved as much as possible so they don’t feel alone or stuck in the game if they’re getting raided and quit.

Playing until the bitter end should be the aspiration of any good commander. However, if surrender were an option it should be a group vote. I hope they make this an addition in the future and add a system to discourage people from leaving early.

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Agreed on group vote to surrender if you quit anyway then you should get a warning (sometimes the internet can drop out or the game/pc can crash, in these cases you should not get a ban timeout).


You know, some people have life outside games yeh?
Yeah sure, give them a cooldown to qeue up for the next game, but outright banning, might as well call for not allowing anyone above gold rank to play rank games, because they ruin the experience for the higher skilled player.

Nah, thats just outright silly.

If people quit, they quit. simple as that, what can be done about it is allowing AI to take over the player like in another RTS Relic designed, such as COH.

Alternativly, devide the resources to the other remaining players and increase their max pop cap to even out. They still be disadvantaged due to being 1 man down, but at least they wont be disadvantages simply due to numerical and economy advantage of the opponent.

I’m more fan of the COH solutions.


I think they should just increase pop cap to remaining players so they have a chance.

in 4v4 +50 pop when opponent leave
in 3v3 +75
in 2v2 +100

(note that you wouldn’t get the full population lost, to prevent abuse, and to give a reason to eliminate a player, but at least you get a small compensation).

That is the problem
Because, sometimes is unintentional due to crashes or connection issues

You can leave the game.
Nobody is gonna miss you,
Hahaha, just joking

The hard part is telling the difference between a legit crash and connection drop and someone just pulling their network cable.

This is the endless problem with automated leaver detection. It’s very, very difficult, if not impossible, to tell (as far as I’m aware / the last I looked into it). Networks are based on physical systems - it doesn’t matter how that system is interrupted. Unplugging a router vs. it catching fire, there’s no difference to the computer plugged into it (again, as far as I’m aware).

It’s a human ingenuity problem at the end of the day (using ingenuity loosely, but hey, it’s something we do to outsmart a system, so). It sucks for the players, because people don’t like being put at a disadvantage because somebody nope’d out, and it sucks for devs, because it’s a problem that people just assume there’s some magical bullet for.

Ideally it needs a system that is reviewed by actual people. But the problem with that is resource (people like to raise DotA 2, but that game still has issues with leavers, smurfs, etc, because it’s an ongoing problem).

As others have mentioned, it’s probably better to minimise the impact on the players left in the game, than it is to repeatedly up punishments and catch those with technical issues in the crossfire.

I have proposed possible solutions and one of them is the Starcraft 2 system where the base of the ally that leaves becomes your property (with its consequent increase in pop).

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Yeah i remember Warcraft 3 was doing something similar where you could control your ally.

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I think a good solution is to make team games surrendering a team vote, as in LoL.

In LoL if you want to surrender it has to be votted. I don’t know how this is not implemented right now.

For solution, AOE4 is not the first multiplayer RTS game. War3 and LOL already solved it.

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There is a 1v1 queue for people who don’t want to rely on others. If you want to rely on others you have to realize they won’t agree with you when surrender is the correct option. Some team game players will want to turtle in their base while an ally or allies constantly fight off attacks to the point where they’re done. Yet they will think surrender is wrong. These different issues is why I will always prefer 1v1 unless I’m teaming up with an actual friends(s).

Not even sc2 ban people for leaving that only happens on free games, if a person don’t want to play just leave, what’s the issue ? Why don’t you get some friend to play with ?

Remmy was suggesting a timeout penalty ban from matchmaking temporary.

As we call it, a suspension.

Well if you prefer to play 1v1 is your preference, but others like team games. They already changed lost conditions to all landmarks because in the past you could eliminate a guy by just rushing his landmarks, now they need to implement vote surrender too because there are too much people that lose 4 villagers and insta surrender.

If these people can’t surrender without a vote maybe they will stay away from team games and we all will win.

The thing is that there are times when it is legit that someone leaves
Like Network problems, game crashes, power cuts and so on!

Intermittent issues shouldn’t be as often as someone who leaves early frequently. If we’re talking about a pattern of behaviour it usually is nearly every game they play. For someone who has technical issues a 5 minute timeout isn’t going to ruin an evening, just go make some tea or something.

I’ve also been in a situation where my internet would cut out every 30 minutes, my solution was to not play multiplayer games that I couldn’t rejoin, and any ranked game was out of the question. That could be solved by having a minute grace period to allow a player to rejoin, akin to warcraft 3. Having a pause would also be nice.