Ban The New Civs in Unranked Team Lobbies?

The new Lords of the West civs seem cartoonishly OP. So do you think it would be good idea to ban these civs from being played in a lobby in unranked?

Unless, both teams have these super OP civs on their team. Even if ranked, I still think they should be banned from playing. If the map is michi, it can counter the super OPness.

Ban New Civs.
  • Yes. Ban them.
  • No. Don’t ban them.

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The concepts of new civs are stolen from AoM and AoE3. The designs are hailirious, broken, and no creativity at all. The whole project is a pure money grab.


The community wants continuous support and somehow the devs need to get paid. Making them OP at release was probably made on purpose in order to stimulate the sales (you won’t get them perfectly balanced at release but it’s better than making them underpowered from a sales POV).

In addition, the 10€ price tag is of course ridiculous (50% of base game price for 2 civs and 3 campaigns?!)

Yeah, somewhat. But since we had a lot of bugs, being in the game for really long, I dont see why these devs should take care of it. This community survived really long without fulltime devs working on it… we dont need a monthly changing meta, we dont need pointless events “win a game as japanese” to get pointless icons. What we need is a reliably running game and good servers. Yes those cost as well, but DE is out for a little over a year, so there should not be the need for money already. Maybe a online pass for 1 year would be great to finance the servers (players need it to be able to run online games, but can play SP without), but destroying the online fun for everyone not having the DLC? That will kinda kill the community… maybe better, so these devs can get new jobs then and we can return to voobly 11


I am glad to pay for new contents like new graphics, new campaigns, or some new features improving entire game, but not broken civs which don’t fit the game at all.

The new civs are just out of place. Charge attack? Seriously? I mean if they really run out of idea to create new civs, just stop…

What’s next? New civs with hero units or casting god powers?


i honestly don’t think these civs are all that OP. Burgundians has a bit of a power spike, but they lack bloodlines, which means their cavalry fall off the later the game goes.

Sicilians donjon seems strong but its very expensive and they lack towers, which is something you can exploit to your advantage. tower rush them and they literally have to build a donjon, which eats up all their stone and then they can’t boom in castle age as easily.

Rather ban in ranked than unranked… Can’t avoid playing them in matchmaking, but in a lobby you could say “No new civs” or whatever in the title and you’ll have plenty joining you

Over time more and more people will buy this dlc and “no new civ” lobby will go out of fashion ever so slightly over time.

Devs need to get paid, so money has to come from somewhere. Completely relying on community support? Unless the game is completely open sourced, many bugs and exploits may never get fixed. People getting used to them does not make those bugs and exploits a good feature.


Tbh a part of the defiance against new civs is due ti bad communication on the part of the dev. First they propose quite gimmicky concepts, then for one month you don’t hear anymore about it besides reminders to preorder, so it feels pretty sus. You also remember last Khan civs at release and can only expect the worst. Then eventually you get a video of very bad footage, played by someone who doesn’t understand the game with explanation in a language you’ve got good odds to not understand, when eventually you get someone to tell you stuff like “those guy get their UU and a special tower in feudal age” it’s hard to think anything else than “OP”

The civs might be broken or even uncreative, but it’s not a fault of the people, who purchased the DLC. They spent their money on these civs and at least should get an option to play them in ranked. As someone already pointed out, in unranked, people can just kick any new civ players.
To the civ concepts themselves. I think the Burgundians were a bad choice as they were well-represented by the Franks in my opinion. Sicilians are a good idea and good design in general, although it might need some fixing. The UTs are quite bad design though.