Bandidos want to throw their dynamite at all cost

Bandidos (mexican skirmisher outlaws) have the ability to throw a dynamite to enemy, with a range of 12. Their basic attack have a range of 20, and when you attack, they get closed to throw their explosives.
The USA skirmisher outlaw have a shotgun ability, with low range (6) and cast it when enemies get close. They don’t want to cast it at all cost, unlike bandidos.
Bandidos should stay at range and attack with rifle, and throw dynamite when enemies get closer, what do you think about that? Is it a bug? an intended feature?


I up the topic to have advices and to give it more visibility before the update on the pup go live.


I agree with the suggestion/report. This is how I would want special abilities to behave, though I do understand why they would want to unload their dynamite ASAP!


The big issue is that they come closer to opponents, and get shot before firing with their gun or dynamite. Skirm units which come closer at 12 range before attacking is not viable.

Edit: That’s the case with bandidos at the mexican cantina, and for bandidos you can train after spain mexican revolution.