Bandit Camps and Wolf Dens?

Bandit Camps and Wolf Dens. Purpose is to interrupt build orders and be annoying, and will guarantee you to lose some villagers if you’re not careful. You can’t have a peaceful boom. Both players will be harassed by wolves and bandits.

These objects would not be present in most maps. They will only be present in selected maps, or a version of Arabia that specifically warns you it has these objects. Or a clickable button if you want them to be on any map in a custom host map.

There are usually two on each map. One for each player in 1v1. 8 in total for 8 players, for each player. There should be nice food, gold, stone, and relics near these things to reward you for dealing with them.

Wolf Dens. A gala, cave like structure that slowly spawns wolves. You can destroy them to stop wolves from spawning. These wolves are programmed to seek out the nearest villager to them. This will offer some action in the early game, since you wil end up being harassed by wolves. This will interrupt build orders stuff. And force you to be defensive early.

Bandit Camps. A structure that slowly spawns basic non upgraded, militia and archers. Same as the Wolf Den. But harder to deal with.


These are stronghold features.

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