I play aoe 3, aoe4, everyday. Especially aoe3! Today I logged in, only to find my account has been permanetly banned! No clarification as to why! nothing" I am a casual chill player, i dont play ranked, i dont have any mods installed and i play with my friends for fun. Why is this happening?

I was an alpha tester to this game! I helped improve it! never even once Have i cheated or used any hack or have I been toxic to this comunity! Why am i getting banned but the guys that keep getting reported for constant maphacking dont? This is so wrong!!!

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Good evening how are you?

I recommend that you use the following links

This one:

This for info:

You can choose for ask about a ban


Thank you for this information .
I already did this entire process before posting something here but I am still waiting on a reply.
I have zero information as to why I was banned and right now even if I make a new account on steam (which I really dont want) , i would lose all my bought dlcs as the shared function doesnt work for this speciific game, since it has gone free trial. Which kinda is very unfair as I bought the dlcs mainly for online play, which I was doing on a regular basis. Also i dont like the “Smurf” tactix, nor am I a fan of this. I like playing as my real rank, which was a bit high.
If if did something wrong, all these years rhat I have been playing (even since old ESO) i would be more rhan happy to accept a temporary ban as a punishment, but at least tell me what I have done or provide Proof?
This is quite anti consumer…

Using the official cheat codes is completely legal in online or ranked game - right? There is such an option.

Should be. Blood brothers and fur trade on the other hand…

Well, cheats are not avaible in ranked , so…