Banned arena still got arena, bug?

as in title, i banned arena in tg but still got the map, anyone experienced same thing?

It does that sometimes. You can ban a map, but because of how matchmaking works, it can still be given to you, especially in team games. Were you playing a 4v4 by any chance? That would give you the highest chance of playing a map you banned.

I’ve seen the same thing. It must be a bug. There should always be at least one map that nobody has banned in team or 1v1 games, so it never needs to choose a banned map.

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It’s possible that most of the other players had arena as their starred map, so it gave it to them as a result.

yes 4v4. but banned should mean strictly no that map right if not what is the meaning of ban?

In theory, but it finds the teams, and then looks for a map. It is meant to select out of the maps that no-one bans, but it is possible that it bugged out and selected a random map, or that arena was favorited by most of the players, so that it choose that.

Yes, must be a bug. Next time, if you have a video recording of the event, you can show it here as proof.

That can happen. Very rare though. Had it couple of times when you could still change map bans in queue. Was playing 1v1 and got islands 2x in a row although I always ban it.

Or maybe the system wants to tell you not to ban arena because it’s such a great map :slight_smile:

you realize this makes no sense

Are you sure you ban the map for the game mode ? if you ban arena in 1v1 you can get it in 4v4 … you have to ban arena for team games

yeah of course i know that lol i have played 3000 games on DE

then it is a bug. (20 chars)

I know it shouldn’t make sense, but because of how matchmaking works, and this occasional bug, it still can happen.