Banned for asking questions in Q&A!

This has to be the worst and least transparent display from community managers/developers I’ve ever come across. I’ve literally been banned from the twitch chat during the Q&A for asking QUESTIONS! The majority of questions were geared towards confirmation or a comment about whether or not a beta/stress test would be happening pre launch. These showmatches are only preaching to the converted and are not getting more eyes on the game or getting any one over the line to buy it. As someone who really wants the game to succeed I think the transparency and marketing has been atrocious and only wanted a simple yes or no answer to a beta or at least acknowledgement. Instead I get banned? How is this fair/just in any way?!



I agree, that is incredibly bad management of the community. They really shouldn’t be allowed to ban people for asking valid questions like that.


You can also see the lack of communication and transparency around these forums when a lot of the topics would die out with a simple “yes/no” response from a dev.


Seems you were spamming the same message, and then said some bad stuff about the devs on the last one. Maybe that’s what got you banned.


Beat me to it.

We can’t see how fast the messages were sent without timestamps and the entire second half of the last post served no value other than to try to inflame things.


So asking the same question to hopefully get it answered in a Q&A is bannable? Also what warranted me to say those things in the first place? Are they incorrect or untrue?

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Plus literally hundreds of other people’s messages asking the same or similar questions deleted by mods? IDC if you agree with me or like the question. This is not an okay thing to do by any metric.

“Don’t […] Discuss moderator actions in the forums. Should you have a specific concern, please contact us directly at”