Bans dont work in Quick play Empire Wars (?)

I just had the issue of queing up for quick play Empire wars. Having hide out, Mongolia and Arena banned, Arabia preferred.
I still got a match on Arena. I checked after the match and it still was banned.

Two question for you:

  1. Didnt you just look at RM and sets your bans for RM? If you then click EW, then you might need to select the bans again.

  2. This look likes the bans for 1v1. Did you play 1v1 or did you join a team game?

It was a 1v1 and I had the maps banned specifically for Empire Wars. Yes.

I agree, @MustySnizl, this does appear to be a related issue to the issue I reported. The video recording in there may be of use to anyone wanting to verify that this is not user error.