Barbarossa Brawl - Capture a relic - win condition

So, what exactly am I supposed to do?

I can get a relic from Bohemia and stuff in into a monastery, its doable after a few tries, sometimes works, sometimes not. After reading on reddit, players claim that resigning after getting the relic will be enough and complete the mission for them. I have tried that, it even says that I did capture a relic in the post-game statistics but the game is not ticking the challenge as completed. Ive done this multiple times and I am starting to get tired of these seasonal events that arent working properly.

I had the same exact problem during the Mongol event, is there any more people with this happening right now?

Could a mod or someone else please shed some light on this? During the Mongols event there was a lot of threads here but literally 0 response from offical side.


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