Barbarossa Brawl - Coop possible?

Hello AgeII-Community,

in the last year a played a lot of games with a friend of mine and always told him about the Barbarossa Brawl.
He bought the game back then due to my speech about this massive scenario.
Everybody knows how much fun it was/is.
In general we liked to play Coop-Campaigns.
However, the regular Coop-Campaigns felt way too easy after about 10 hours of playing.
Is there any way to play Barbarossa Brawl in Coop? Or the other challenge with the raiding?
e.g. for Barbarossa Brawl you remove the mongols and try to hold with 2 persons against the onslaught?

If anybody can give me some feedback on this, it would be nice.

Greetings Weizenesel/GeneralGrom

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