Barbarossa Brawl Survive 20min Not Completing

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  • BUILD #: 408740.0 Current as of 10/3
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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The first time I played the challenge, I barely died under 20 minutes, but I unlocked the achievement for surviving for at least 10. I’ve played several times since then and survived for over 20 minutes, surviving for about 26:30 in my last playthrough. I’ve never been able to unlock the profile icon/achievement, despite having lasted 20+ minutes several times (even factoring that the attacks don’t start for 5 min)

Is the challenge unlocked? Can you screenshot the Teuton event achievement page?

You have to do the achievements (challenges) in order, and it takes 24 hours to unlock the next challenge after one is unlocked and completed. After a challenge is unlocked, then you can attempt it. So it should take several days to do all the achievements.

So for example, the next one after the survive-10-minutes is train 20 teutonic knights in a game (and it’s possible it’s already unlocked), and you have to do that one. If there is a timer, then you have to wait for the timer to be over before attempting the next one.

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Wow, as it turns out, I just learned how unlocks work. Not a bug then. Thanks for the help.

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