Barbiacan kills out of range

Found out that the Chinese Barbican kills 2 or 3 tiles out of range.
(I won’t complain, but maybe you guys want to have a look at it.)

Video as a prove? That vill might be in range for a 0,0001s so he got targeted …

you can check my last custom game.
(I have to go to work)

The villager died on the spot where it is laying. (it was chopping the tree over there)

Found some time…

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Its firing from town center buddy :smiley:

Mystery solved :rofl:

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ROFL, you are right.
I have been completely blind!!! :sweat_smile:

Topic may be deleted.

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Hehe no problem man …
U dont have to scratch your head anymore …

Still nice from you that you wanted to report some issue :slight_smile:

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