Barbican and academy Suggestions for improvement

As we all know, imperial officials will weaken the supervision effect and increase the production time in the next patch. I think this should be further balanced, and Barbican of the sun is also very weak, just an enlarged version of the arrow tower. Therefore, the following improvements are recommended:

Barbican of the sun is a very important defensive landmark for Chinese in the early stage of the game, but it is still too weak compared with other civ landmarks of the same type and has no sense of existence in the later stage. Therefore, it is suggested to modify Barbican of the sun as follows:

  1. The initial Barbican of the sun comes with two fire gun shooting slots. After all, it has two towers, doesn’t it? This can alleviate the weakness in the early stage of the game to a certain extent.
  2. Add subsequent upgrades such as springald, cannon and boiling oil, so as to improve the value of Barbican of the sun in the later stage of the game.

The imperial academy can produce “imperial officials” to make their actual role closer to the meaning of the name. If possible, this landmark can also increase the upper limit of imperial officials from 4 to 6 (if this will lead to OP, this gain can be moved to the later stage of the game).


I agree with adding the second for age 3 or age 4 but i highly disagree with the first point since forward barbarican is becoming more and more conmon.

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I enjoyed tower rushing with Barbican in the early beta but it was hard because it’s just a free tower. I like the idea of extra options and maybe more firepower at the home base.

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While you are right they need a buf, I believe your direction is wrong. I think 2 cannons Barbican will make “barbican rushing” a too strong strat which is bad. Rushing with barbican against the enemy is already annoying enough as is even after nerfs to building foundations. I agree it overall needs a buff, but it should be something else.

I like your Imperial academy suggestion, but I think it should only add +1 IO, and additional +1 after buying the unique research. I also believe Chinese need to start with a cap of 2 IOs, and gain +1 to Cap every age

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