Bari Campaign "The Rebellion of Melus" |

This is my playthrough of the second mission from the Bari campaign against Hard AI. Enjoy!

Hey there, have you finished the fourth mission on hard yet? I am struggeling so much with it.

I just uploaded a video for it funnily enough!

Major major advice: liberate Capua instantly and pay the Normans asap. I tried many playthroughs and these were crucial to surviving the first 10 minutes, you can’t defend against 4 enemies for very long.

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Absolutely garbage mission, lol. Trebs/Elite Teutonic Knights at 9 minute mark. I don’t usually like making archers for campaigns but you kind of have to in this one.

My replay: (Gone after 30 days)

I actually kind of dig the general difficulty on this one, it forces you to act quickly. I do wish the scenario would just give you all the side objectives initially though, because not knowing how to shut down the enemy’s gold income until near the end of the mission isn’t exactly helpful.

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The only side objective I could finish was the gold income route close to the end of the mission. I agree it should reveal after a timer, instead of moving close to the area.

I finished the scenario in moderate difficulty failing all the others… had to face 5 enemies attacking me until the end.

The sad part is how when I was close to get 1000 gold to tribute to yellow, the Pope gave the gold first and yellow started to attack me.

Total madness having to defend the Castle against so many attackers.

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Oh ■■■■, yeah you have to save Capua literally as soon as it falls or you get screwed facing everyone. I found that and the Mercs made it so I was only being sieged by two enemies, which eventually became 1 once I took out tower objective (as the Mercs keep Green busy).

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