Base Campaign content - satisfied?

According to steam, there will be 4 campaigns with all in all 35 missions. What do you think, is it a good amount?

I think it is, because thats nearly 9 missions each campaign, which I think is great^^
what do you think, did you expect more? or less?

With that amount and lets say 1h per scenario (counting retries and maybe harder difficulty) the singleplayer campaign time would be around 35h.
Would this be worth 60 $?

In my opinion thats a lot and I will have a good time with that.

keep inmind age 2 DE cost 20 Euros and had around 150h playtime, but that was a very old game :wink:

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Is that a lot? In AoEO our main campaigns have 65+ quests.

I don’t play AoE for single player campaigns, so it’s all background noise to me. Just give me unique well created civs please.


In my opinion that is definitly enough. I am not really a campaign player and I want quality instead of quantity. The amount of missions in AoE2 was too much for me


i think is good, empire Earth has 4 campaigns with six or seven missions each one, the con is that ageiv will have limited civs rathher than EE that have more


i only finished the age of kings campaings and aztecs, too much campaings to play in age2DE

well, as mentioned, age 2 hs with DLC possible 150% of that (but thats the old game, so)

compared to the base age of empires2, it is a bit more (ca 1-2 missions more each campaign)-

Age 3… I played DE including ALL DLC campaigns and it took me 21h. that was VERY frew for me.

I think the amount is good, regarding palytime, as long as games take around the same as in age 2.
So no, that is not a lot,but its a good amount :wink:

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When DE came out, I intended to play through them all. because age 2 was my first ever PC game, and I never even finished all OG ones. HD I never got to play except the french pone. In Age 2 I finished them all, taking me around 150-180 Hours playtime.

So yes, that game has A LOT of playtime xD

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Classic AOE answer: depends 11
If they are like AOE 2, yeah, that’s good. If they are like AOE 3 campaigns, that you can finish each scenario very fast, then no.
(or maybe I’m too much better at AOE 3 campaigns than AOE 2’s)

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no, age 3 certainly was palyed much faster, as the gamepaly there was faster. But age 4 seems to go a more chilled round, like ag 2 :wink:

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Age of Empires II, at launch, had 4 campaigns with 6 scenarios each + 8 tutorial scenarios from William Wallace, with a total of 32 missions.
Age of Empires IV has 35 scenarios distributed in 4 campaigns + the tutorial scenarios (we don’t know the exact number of them).

So I’m happy, as it starts with more.


For comparison, Aoe2 HD with expansions costs $50 and the campaigns by themselves have hundreds of hours of gameplay. Overpriced for the level of content, unless the 93GB is really packing a punch behind them

While you are of course entitled to your opinion, age 2HD was simply a rehash of a complete game that already existed. Age 2 DE was the same, but did MUCH more. Still, bith are not even neraly close to the production cost of a new AAA RTS :slight_smile:

Except HD got 3 expansions added to it, which added completely new content bringing the price up to $50. I don’t care what the cost of a new Triple A RTS is, unless it has 300+ hours of non multiplayer content, it is overpriced

no, its not obverpriced, it is faily priced, you just dont deem it worth that. which is fine.

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I’m primarily a campaign/single player when it comes to these games. Whether it is enough depends on the quality of the missions. I enjoyed all the campaigns AoE2DE had to offer.

That being said, I do hope/expect there’ll be a Historical Battles mode at the very least, for those who don’t have a dedicated campaign. Since they said they plan to do DLC, it’s conceivable that any DLC civilisation(s) will likely debut with a campaign or if they plan to add free content in addition. Ancestors Legacy for example offered free campaign content post-launch.

I do however feel 8 civilisations at launch is too little but I might be willing to accept that if the civs are diverse enough as advertised.

IG there will be 6 scenarios for each campaign and 11 historical battles

that would also be a nice amount, however in that case I would call it false advertising. At least on the german steam page it clearly says " in 4 campaigns with 35 Missions" and in german with at this positions means they should be included in the 4 campaigns.

But since I recently got that the german description also used the word diplomacy without it being used in the English text - it may very well be just the translation.

Not gonna lie , I initially thought there would be 35 scenarios in each campaign :laughing:

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now THAT would have been monumental. a bit too much maybe even :smiley:
Luckily there was no small word “each” in the sentence xD

Well , the game does have PvE or PvAI which technically counts towards Single Player content .