Basic level mistakes in AoE IV skirmish gameplay

  1. Scout has no auto explore option.
  2. Diplomatic status lacks civilization and leader names.
  3. No colors representing any civilization.
  4. By clicking on a unit or a building you can’t know their allegiance.
  5. No men operating siege, operating on its own.
  6. You can’t select military units separately from civilian units in one drag box.
  7. Research and upgrade status not shown at the side of the screen.
  8. Status of buildings built and units created are not shown at the side of the screen.
  9. Unit creation is slower no researches to boost that up.
  10. Mouse scroll lacks the option to expand or contract the selected units by spinning the mouse wheel.
  11. No supply or logistical concept.
  12. Lacks concept of timber and metal industry even in the gunpowder age.
  13. Weird unit called handcannoner, its only Chinese who used the bamboo guns called fire lances, West used the sledge lock or flint lock rifles from the gunpowder/renaissance period.
  14. All infrastructures even industry or university started from the ancient ages.

These mistakes are so far in the early or original version of AoE IV. You may add up on this list, in the next topic I may share the plus the points of AoE IV’s early version played so far.


I wouldnt call them mistakes, but you have some valid suggestions in there. Some however, are game design choices based around gameplay over historical accuracy, like the handcannon and university.

I can see an argument for 11, logistics, but i can’t decide if that would be fun or a pain.

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  1. Carvans won’t trade to home markets, but can automatically trade to trading posts.
  2. Can’t identify any lost military unit on the map not selected nor in a control group, other than only manually searching the unit on the map.
  3. By double clicking the icon of the selected unit the selected unit’s location won’t show up.
  4. In-game bottom left menu features around the minimap are hardly visible.
  5. Lacking a optional mode of diplomacy to make and break peace and alliances.

Will also mention the good stuff of AoE IV in a separate topic which does comply with historical accuracy as possible.