Battering Ram idea to make them better and more useful

Battering Ram in Siege Buildings can be updated to have more units up to 10 like ship.

Castle Age : Capper Ram Space I 5 to 8 space. Cost 75 woods and 70 golds

Imperial Age : Capper Ram Space II 8 to 10 space. Cost 150 woods and 130 golds

For each units in Battering Ram +1 damage per units * Buildings coefficient.

Battering Ram have a very small speed bonus for each units in it like real life, for example.

  • 0.25 speed one unit.

20 units (maximum unit) = x2.5 Speed.

Onagers now can’t inflict heavy damage to battering rams, they can tank 5-6 damage before destroying. Knowing Onagers shot rocks and other things like Oil, they can’t destory it in two shots, 5-6 is more logic.

Like in real life more they are units who push battering ram more it’s fast, it will make this mechanic useful when the opponent is far away, like the ranked match in big map i know you can build siege buildings near but sometimes you just can’t because the enemy is too strong or your strategy is different.

You want to make it a transport truck?


No xD, it’s not that fast, for example capper ram are really slow, and units inside it very rare, knowing it’s still small in speed, you can be destroy by cavalry or ambushed pretty easily, knowing the mechanic in real life more units make it move fast.

I edited a bit, maybe it will be better like that.

After it’s an example about how logically they were use in medieval, more people was in this siege weapons more he was efficient and fast.

It’s still weird to have 20 units come out of a ram as it’s not some transport unit.


Ram can be used for transport unit, for protect them against the arrows, it’s one of their use, for avoid the warriors to get killed when they try to destroy the door.

Ram inside are like boats, they are pushed by the warriors for increase their speed.

They were used not for destroying only but for protect the units.

It add more strategy honestly for this game, knowing that they are easily destroy in late game, 5 units per Rams is just to low, and useless. Change that will make just the game better.

You already have Siege Towers in the game.

p.s. it’s Capped Rams

No i mean “Belier” i thought it was Capped Rams ? What the english name of Belier siege xs

I assume you mean Battering Rams, which are just the first unit. They upgrade to Capped Rams, and then Siege Rams. Historically, Battering Rams served the same use, and while cover was present for some troops, it wasn’t to the space of 20 like you suggested. Capped rams are just Battering Rams with an accessory at the head, which would be more damaging to buildings.

Siege Towers in the game can transport more units (and transport them over walls).

Yes, oh god, i rectify that, the main idea is to increase to 10 maximum, 20 is a lot.

The rest of ideas is to make them faster like 2 more faster when units are inside, and they deal more damage because the units inside it are the one who use the battering rams.

That’s already how Battering Rams (and its upgrades) and Siege Towers in the game work. They become faster once you garrison units in them, and Rams attack faster (thus more damage, I think.

The only problem of rams is that there are ranged units that can damage them seriously.
Especially Onagers.

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Yes wait you gave me one idea, like they can resist Onagers attack but, Onagers need to be used 5-6 times to destory one.