Battering Ram just got stock after building it, ruined the ranked game

Hi Devs,
I am actually seeing a similar report but can’t tell if exactly same, so here is mine.
I built a battering ram and it didn’t move at all. It was kind of stuck to a tree.
It is kind of annoying because it literally ruins the rush and the game is already determined.
I couldn’t find the game ID so it was between horus and PiperPilot44 on 02/21 - 11:30PMish EST

Hey @Horus! Just to be sure: you built that Battering Ram right next to the tree and it was never able to move?

Hey Savage, sorry for the delay. Yep exactly, it was built there and I was never able to move.
It looked like it was getting the command. Because as soon as I click on attack or move, it was making a small turn to the direction I hit but never actually moved. It was like stuck to that tree where I built it.

Like berries from last season, battering rams can be built inside berries and stuck there. Try to completely chop that tree down with a villager.

Got it; appreciate the extra context.