Battle Of Zhongdu - Bug Impossible to Complete

The game appears to have bugged out on the 4th round of reinforcements, with the gold bar not moving any higher making the mission impossible to complete.

For safe measure I wiped out all towns and enemy forces and collected any sheep that may have been tagged, destroyed all buildings minus the walls which are untargetable.

Nothting, the game just carrys on with nothing to fight. Still showing the supplies will spawn for the enemy which they dont.

When playing the mission, I had cleared all of the 4 villages supplying the city before the final reinforcement 500gold collect appeared, I wonder if this caused it to bug out not having any villages to collect loot from??

Will try replay but save one village before the final reinforcement to see if this is the cause of the bug.

to confirm, replayed and this time didn’t destroy the supply villages before the final reinforcement and the mission advanced to the next stage allowing completion