Battle of Zhongdu Frozen Loading Screen


Game was working great (love it) until I got to Mongol Mission 3 - Battle of Zhongdu. It just spools on the loading screen, with no “Play Now” option. Have tried updating graphics driver, updating AOE, restarting the computer multiple times, uninstall/reinstall (deleting AOE4 folder), playing previous mission again, wiping save files, everything recommended in other posts. Like I said before, it had been working flawlessly to this point.


I am having the same problem. Using Gamepass version. Did anyone ever respond?

SOLVED - Just wait longer. It took a full 7-8 minutes, but the Play option finally showed up.

That’s quite a while @PhobicKey8838! It’d be great if you, @Eryfiq, or anyone else experiencing super long load times would please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thanks!