Battle Royale mode needs lag fixes and updates?

Yes I love this game mode and it has come to a considerable waiting time nowadays. Quick play matching queue should not last for more than 5 minutes at the most (i’ve waited for 6 minutes still searching). Please don’t be an abandon game mode just for the hype.

Utmost priority for Battle Royale is to give this game mode better optimization. I once asked Viper in twitch about his opinion on the game mode. He said he love the game mode but would not prefer to play it due to lag.

Some suggestions to make Battle Royale better,

1. Fix servers which improves the overall experience for all players of AoE 2 DE.

2. Implement a weekly leaderboard for Battle Royale to incentivize dedicated battle royale players.

3. Related to weekly leaderboard, top 10 players will receive a special Battle Royale trophy in their town centers.

4. Add unique units to hire at the last phase of the game.

5. Add weekly mutators/twists such as Praetorian Guards in the center. Yes everyone can be defeated if they don’t kill the praetorian guards. This is just an example mutator, feel free to share your ideas.

To FE devs, don’t waste the potential of this game mode where it can be an entry point for new players from campaign/vs. AI to move on to multiplayer. In my opinion, Battle Royale help players to “micro” well and understand unit compositions. What are your thoughts?