Battle Royale Strategies!

What civs are considered to be the best for battle royale mode? And what characteristics make for a good battle royale civ.

Also, what are some general strategies and tips for the new battle royale mode?

So far I would say best is teutons. Paladin halbs plus later teutonic knights and siege onager. Also better ranged castles.

Lategame So can really turned the right by flattening large groups of enemies.

Magyar hussar cav archer paladin also worked well and you can perfectly spent resources. With teutons you fliat Wood and lack food which is inefficient.

Vietnamese arabalest/rattan, halb and Elefants worked good too but So can ruin your day. And lack if fast unis hurts alit.

Monks heal really fast in battle royal and are great to include in your army.

Always keep a habdmull units at every building point and make sure towers don’t get converted, dancing around until help arrives.

Use a few paladins to run around the map and grep unguarded buildings. If you can snipe a castle then it’s really easy win.

Get those bombard towers converted and protect you own.

If it’s the city map then go there fast and convert the city. This often snowballs real quick.

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What do you mean with city map?

Isnt every building guarded with gaia military?

Note: I havent played BR that much.

you can snipe from gaia aswell, lure gaa units away and snipe the towers to help make quick work of them, but i meant mostly that you can snipe buildings, even castles from other playrs that left t he too unguarded.

city map is the one with a huge city in the center with walls and stuff. rome is the one with the center castle and hills. Other maps i got no opinion yet.

Does Teutons’ UT work when it’s a converted Gaia castle?

I played Rome once. But then i didnt understand BR rules, so i have no idea how that map looks like.

My two cents, with my limited experience with the game mode:

  • Pick a civ with a very strong late game, similar to how you would do on death match. Depending on the map, choose one with a strong navy (e.g. Koreans, Saracens, Portuguese), strong siege on maps with walls (e.g. Ethiopeans, Slavs, Celts) and/or strong land unit composition (e.g. Khmer, Magyars). Meso civs tend to be weaker in Battle Royale.
  • Avoid direct fights with higher ranked opponents, as it destroys your own army and greatly reduces your chances to remain as the last man standing. Therefore keep an eye on your rank during the game. Picking fights with weaker opponents can be worth it, as it can pay off to take over their camps.
  • Keep as little ‘floating resources’ as possible, use them to train units constantly. Don’t get yourself in the situation where you have 5k wood or 5k food. If you have a lot of wood and gold, make siege, archers or ships. If you have a lot of food and no other resources, make hussars.
  • You can use trade workshops to buy and sell resources. If you desperately need gold, you can sell your food or wood. But the trading fees will generally be bad.
  • Scout the map as quickly as possible and look for camps immediately. But also later in the game, you can conquer deserted camps and get resources faster.
  • On maps with water, don’t ignore making ships. Especially on Battle on Ice, a strong navy can win the game. Ships tend to be good against land units.