Battlecry and other sounds

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I didn’t see a discussion about this topic, and I wanted to share my thoughts.
As a little kid I played some aoe2, and I enjoyed it a lot. Then I moved to aom and when I first played aom I was amazed by the hero Arkantos’ and the soldier’s battlecry. It felt epic. I moved to aoe3 where the soldiers shout after a victory on the battlefield, which is still not bad, but during a battle like in aom was more epic. (There are some shouts in aoe3 during battles.) In aoe3 obviously the cannons were the most epic things in terms of sound. When the battle happened off-screen, meanwhile you managed your eco and trained soldiers, the sound of the cannons were like they were a couple hundred meters away. Like in the movie Patriot, when they are at home at night. It was so atmospheric and epic. It seems that they made this a bit worse in aoe3de, sadly.
I’m hoping for great sounds in aoe4 during the battles. I always loved the unit selection sounds in different languages, it was good, and sometimes funny. The part where I think aoe4 sounds could do better than the previous games, is when you command your units to attack. Those were most of the times not energetic enough, and also mainly used the word “Attack!”. They could say “For the King!”, “England!” and so on. (With other civs obviously their things.) In aoe3 there’s the explorer’s “For America!”, but it’s basically a meme, because he says it a bit silly. The attack-command sounds should be maybe a bit louder than to other age games compared to villagers saying “Hello.”. The other thing is the battlecry itself, what I would really like to hear from the whole army when they are running towards the enemy. Then in battle some shouts something like in aoe3 but with more spirit and a bit louder.
What do you think guys? How do you like the sounds of age games, and what do you expect from aoe4?
Thanks to the devs if they are reading these, and giving them any thoughts.
I hope that if things are not perfect in the game at release, they are willing to do some changes beyond bugfix, balance and new content.

Spanish units in AoE II shout ‘Santiago’ (Saint James), a short version of ‘Santiago y cierra, España’ (Saint James and close, Spain). Saint James was (and still is) the patron of the Christian Kingdoms of Spain. ‘close’ is thought to mean ‘close the lines’ (of the formation) or getting closer to the enemy.
I think it would be good to use it again when they add this faction.

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Thanks for the info ElMorrion98, really cool.
Now that I searched a little a found the sounds in aoe3. They are Advance! Lay on! I waste! Assail! according to a steam post. I don"t remember right now if there is Fire! or Charge! in the game. In a nutshell I’m just hoping for a reasonable variety which i think is needed for an appropriate feeling of the battle. Most important is though the spirit, of how they shout.
(Sorry, I don’t have a better word for it English isn’t my mother language.)

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For the proper use of unit audio cues, go and find a copy of Battle for Middle Earth (A 2004 strategy game from EA for those not familiar with it). That game had at least 5 different audio “types” for each unit, and each of them had multiple dialog lines. This is just a sample of different audio acks (I’m sure I’m forgetting more). Keep in mind that each unit had its own lines (i.e. a mounted unit and a foot soldier did not all say “Santiago!” like in AoE II):

  1. Selecting the unit
  2. Move command
  3. Attack command
  4. Retreat command (moving unit close to the base or outpost)
  5. Formations
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