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I have updated my mod to the latest patch, with the following changes:

Civ Bonus Additions and Changes:

  • Buffed Civ Bonus 3: Parthian Tactics now also costs -50% (Armour bonuses now affect all ranged cavalry).
  • Added Civ Bonus 4: Bloodlines and Parthian Tactics can be researched again in Imperial Age, with 2nd research granting additional benefits.
    • Bloodlines 2nd research benefit: Mounted units gain 25% bonus damage resistance.
    • Parthian Tactics 2nd research benefit: Cavalry Archer (i.e. Ranged cavalry) attacks pierce through enemy units.
  • Added Civ Bonus 5: Foot Soldiers -20% secondary resource cost per age starting Feudal Age (Total -60% Wood or Gold).

Other Persian civ specific changes:

  • Caravanserai now available to Persians and Hindustanis as a unique building, it’s no longer a civ bonus.
  • Savar HP decreased from 145 to 140.
  • Kamandaran replaced with Paygan: All Foot Soldiers primary resource cost reduced by 25%.
  • Citadels replaced with Zendhapet: Mahouts makes a return, now letting all Elephant units move +20% faster and granting melee Elephant units a +10 charge attack.

Civ specific changes to other civs:

  • Bengalis regain Parthian Tactics, (Elite) Ratha armour adjusted from 3/2 (3/3) to 2/2 (3/3).
  • Imp Camel Rider upgrade cost decreased from 1000F 500G to 900F 480G.