Be able to construct bridges

It would be sick if you could construct bridges in the same fashion as walls. So they can be upgraded and of course destroyed.
Would have to be built in segments for it not to be overpowered. And exactly expensive


Segments doesn’t sound good, probably more like walls in AoM with Anchorpoints, so you get a certain range for a certain price
Upgradable makes sense but I think capturable brideposts (a little like tradeposts in aoe3) would make more sense, so everybody can try to get control over a bridge and making it harder to use for enemies


A buildable/destructible (over and over) bridge found at a pre-defined point is a good idea. It will add depth to the strategy plan as - for some map types - it is an important objective point to control or deny.

There may be shallow water to reach the enemy base, but the shortest way is through the bridge at the center map.


I think we need a aircraft in this game . Everybody love aircraft .

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How about no aircraft in a game that is supposed to go only to the early renaissance? Sounds reasonable, yes?

Back to the topic.
There are indeed good ways one could integrate brides.
Buildable with structural nodes like walls on AoM.
Predetermined points where you can build them on the map (and probably have some advantage if you build and hold them)
Or capturable buildings on eh map (also with advantage for the controlling player/team)

It would be an interesting strategic element - and while the first option would also interesting I think the latter two (especially the last) have more potential since it allows 3 types of maps.

  1. Soft chokepoint, where the bride is the easiest access point to the enemies half of the map. There would be other options which probably have longer ways, are more open to be attacked and/or deny some heavier units the access
  2. Hard chokepoint - The bridge is the one point you actually can pass the map on. There is no other way, so a lot of the battle will be on the (probably rather large) bridge (A little bit like the trojan wall fan-map in AoM but with more depth)
  3. Multiple chokepoints - as above but there are two or three bridges (depending on map size) so you have to split your recoureces to manage them simultaneously