Beat an AI opponent on "hard" -" extreme" difficulty in a 1v1 game

Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform (Steam)


Can’t get any of the difficulty (hard-extreme) 1v1 achievements, EVEN WITH THE VICTORY CONDITION SET TO CONQUEST. Even this limitation is outside of the stated limits of the aforementioned achievement

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Played a variety of different 1v1’s, earning achievements for wins with specific races,but not the difficulty level EVEN WHEN THE VICTORY CONDITION WAS CHANGED
  2. I earned the LNY event for beating an extreme AI, but didnt get the steam achievement.

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Anyway did you try doing the last Lunar new year mission (where you have to fight an Extreme AI) to see if it fails to work as well?

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I clearly understanded his problem that difficulty related achievements can only be achieved when victory condition is set to conquest, but descriptions of achievements don’t mention this.
This is a bug.


More problem solving, bug is more extensive.

Same. I am also not getting the Beat an AI opponent on “XX” difficulty in a 1v1 game achievements. Even with the victory condition changed to conquest.

I’m only getting the civilization win achievements and the 1000 farms and the like.