Beating Extreme DM AI with only starting scout(Portuguese)

Link to video of me doing this

I opted to show the AIs start, the AI looks confused on what to do. It stands around with 2 villagers until the other villager makes a house, then starts with a Feitoria, houses and for some reason 2 lumberjacks that then go back to making houses.

This is only possible against Portuguese because of their build order (double Feitoria) which houses them but all the civs for DM AI reacts very poorly to the starting scout. I’m not very good but I can lock them down for 2-3 minutes(game time) before they kill my scout.

Besides Portuguese, Khmer and Ethiopians have poor openers as well. Khmer will build only scorps then make castles. Ethiopians make Arabalest and then champions and castles. These openings a very poor as even in a mirror match making knights just steam rolls over them. They can do nothing to stop the knights streaming in.

The rest of the civs I’d say are okay. They are lacking when it comes to stopping your scout like I mentioned but if you give them 30 seconds of in game time untouched and they’ll be alright. (At least at my skill level)


This is so weird 11 I’m surprised that here the AI doesn’t delete the feitoria when the villager is attacked, as it usually does with its buildings in RM and campaigns.

I think the solution to the issue with those 3 civs would be to make them start by producing halbs. Unfortunately I don’t think you can make them adapt to their civ or yours that much, as even in RM they will make choices as questionable as Ethiopian two handed swords (like over-using archers as Slavs or making spears in imp as Turks).

Thanks for the reply. I was mostly just trying to shed some light on the poor state of the Portuguese AI in DM. I know that RM is main focus for majority of players but I was hoping at the very least Portuguese build order for DM could be updated. It’s pretty annoying to do Random Mirror matches against AI and seeing Portuguese selected knowing the AI isn’t going to do anything for the first 5-7 minutes of the game.

Perhaps I should of posted this in the Bug section. Though since I think it’s been like this since the start I was more inclined to think it was an oversight rather than a bug.


Thank you for the report Swippies9143, we’re tracking it now to make adjustments. :slight_smile:


nooo don’t increase ai difficulty :clown_face:

Great! Thanks for looking into it!

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Also in infinite resources AI is bad, I usually complete challenges like beat AI with that because spamming is much easier.

Select a nice civ like Huns, Slavs, Goths or Cumans. Or select whatever you want. Faster units with damage against buildings recommended.

Infınite resources, Post-Imp, extreme AI.

Spam army buildings and houses. AI can’t reach you. You don’t need to create more than 3 additional villagers.

Send scout to kill a vil and spot when starting.

Huns can spam Tarkans easily. Cuman Steppe Lancers good. Spam as many units as possible.