Because A can be countered by B, so A is not OP: this is completely wrong concept

I read many posts about unit balance posts are saying that,

for example:
French early knight: they are countered by spearman so they are not OP.
Fire lancer: Stone wall can block them so they are not OP.

1, if A unit is countered by no unit, this is unbeatable, not OP.
2, French early knight, their strength are top that ONLY spearman can counter them effectively in age 2, but spearman is the weakest unit in age 2 that is counter by most of units with slower speed than knight, plus French knight still have HP regeneration with more villagers support.
3, Wall up with stone wall can defend fire lancer sounds Chinese don’t have siege units and unnecessary to fight against them.
4. Fire lancers AOE charge with high speed, keep HR a large group melee units, this is totally broken like a high speed movable catapult and even their opponent can’t escape from fire lancers due to their high speed.

Others units are the same situation if they are OP with obvious reason, is stupidly argued by a specific unit can counter, because no one ever said they are unbeatable.